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Design Bridge wins Physical Product Design award at The Drum Design Awards 2018

Awards season 2018 is in full swing and last night we were at the Emirates Stadium for The Drum Design Awards, where DB Creative Director Chloé was part of this year’s jury. And today we’ve returned to the Studio today with a shiny new award for Physical Product Design. Rather ironically, it is for an award itself – the trophy we designed for last year’s Facebook Awards!


A little more about this project… The Facebook Awards celebrates the most creative campaigns run on Facebook and Instagram. Campaigns that make people laugh, cry, love, wow or take action. Our challenge was to design a trophy that perfectly captured the spirit behind the emotional reactions that these campaigns stir in people.

We learnt that Facebook marks its employees 1st year with a balloon, and it was this fact that inspired our design idea – a beautifully crafted metallic balloon that is also an abstraction of the iconic heart emoji. It reflects the heart behind every campaign. But it wasn’t just about making a trophy that captured the spirit of the Facebook Awards, nor simply crafting something that would take pride of place in offices rather than gathering dust at the back of a cupboard. Our trophies cost £40K less to produce than those in 2016, with an even greater saving predicted for 2018. Amazing work Team Facebook, we’re really proud of this one.

Spot the photobomber

Spot the photobomber

We were also delighted to receive a Highly Commended for our Smirnoff Choose Love project in the Illustration category, and for our limited edition Karhu beer can design (plus a nomination in the Experiential Design category for our Smirnoff Love Wins installation at EDC last year). You can see all of this year’s winners and nominated work on The Drum Design Awards website.




Brilliant work all round, we definitely deserve a little Friday celebratory drink. Cheers!



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