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“Fijne Sinterklaas!” from Design Bridge Amsterdam

We love a tradition at Design Bridge, and this time of year they come thick and fast, all over the world. For our Amsterdam team this weekend marks a special day in the Netherlands; 5th December is the day that Sinterklaas visits every home across the country, delivering small treats to children that have been good this year. At the same time, families and loved ones gather together to share food and laughter, handmade gifts, songs and poems. And of course each year we celebrate in our own special way in the Studio and with our clients, too.

Recent events may mean that our annual Sint celebrations have to go online for 2020, but this year more than ever we should celebrate the spirit and magic of Sinterklaas, and we’ve created a special festive message to do just that – one that celebrates togetherness, no matter how near or far we are, reminding us all to share our joy and reach out to the people we care for…

Animated by Robbie, our virtual message was a true team effort and features a beautiful haiku written by Kim. These meaningful words have been brought to life further by Jacques’ hand-drawn illustrations and lino prints.


Each image tells a different story of togetherness for this festive season. Two flying sparrows reflect unity and camaraderie and how we always strive to go that extra mile, the phones represent how technology can keep us connected to friends and family no matter where we are in the world, a traditional Amsterdam canal house (or “grachtenpand”) is a nod to our home in the Netherlands, and the moon and stars symbolise that, although we may be far apart this year, we can all look up and see the same sky.


Earlier this week each team member also received a special gift box in the post containing a selection of the prints, a poem written by a colleague, and plenty of treats to join this year’s (mostly) virtual festive afternoon tea – another one of our favourite traditions.


For those of us that were able to visit the Studio in person this week, we were greeted by these Sinterklaas-inspired messages of togetherness lining our reception walls, too.


Wishing everyone around the world a “Fijne Sinterklaas!” from all of us at Design Bridge.


A special thank you to all of Sint’s helpers this year for spreading the joy: Jacques, Djanira, Kim, Nik, Robbie, Daisy, Mark, Jade and Dean (honorary DB helper).


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