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Friday Favourites

Our first favourite this week is the work of Zara Picken, who creates bright, bold and graphical “Paper Cut Illustrations”.



You can find more of Zara’s work on her website. We spotted them on Creative Boom.

Handmade sketchbooks

Whilst we’re on the subject of paper, we’re rather fond of taking a peek inside people’s sketchbooks, and José Naranja’s sketchbooks make for exceptionally beautiful viewing. The pages of his are lovingly crafted odes to his travels, complete with hand drawn illustrations and typography, and full of inspiration…

We found José’s work on Colossal and you can follow him on Instagram: @jose_naranja.

Minimal Photography

Our favourite photography find this week comes courtesy of Jim H, who has shared the lovely minimalist Instagram account of Grigoriy Shkarupilo with us. Here are a few of our favourite photos, there’s something very satisfying about his style:

You can follow Grigoriy @gshkarupilo

The letter ‘g’

And finally this week – a challenge! How well do you know your lettering? Apparently less than 1/3 people were able to identify the correct lowercase ‘g’ on the following John Hopkins University test – do you know which one is right?

You can read the original story on boing boing.


Design students, can you win us over to your point of view?


Friday Favourites