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Friday Favourites

Our Friday Favourites this week have a theme: short films.

First up is straight 8, who we came across at D&AD Festival last week. Founded in 1999, straight 8 describe themselves as a “global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing short film competition”. Entrants literally shoot their super 8 film in story order (no edits, no re-takes, no post-production, nothing), make the soundtrack separately and send it in to the comeptition to be processed. The first time filmmakers get to see their creations is at an event hosted by straight 8, in front of a live audience. Pretty exciting stuff. Here are a few examples, the first of which was made as part of a D&AD workshop last week:

Find out more about the competition, when you can see the latest films, and how you can get involved on the straight 8 website.

Woman of the sea

Now this is rather beautiful – “AMA” is a short film by Julie Gautier (a deep sea diver and underwater filmaker) of her performance in Y-40, the world’s deepest pool in Italy (an impressive 40m). The film is named after the Japanese word for “woman of the sea” (also the name for Japan’s traditional shell collectors, language fact fans) and Colossal describes her performance as: “She holds her breath as she uses controlled movements to twist and glide through the calm water, eventually rising up to the surface with the release of one giant air bubble” – but rather than try to describe it, you should just watch it. Keep an eye out towards the end for the dedication to Julie’s “tiniest daughter”, which is rather sweet:

You can see more of Julie’s work at

It’s Not Amazing Enough

Ever talked yourself out of an idea for not being good enough? Felt that rising feeling of panic when questioning your own creativity? Yep, we’ve all been there, and Duncan Cowles has captured that exact feeling in his wry short film for TED, “It’s Not Amazing Enough” – enjoy!

We found the film on It’s Nice That, where you can read more about how Duncan came up with the idea behind his film.

by Anna Stanford

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