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Friday Favourites

Reducing our use of disposable coffee cups and creating new recyclable materials are two hot topics at the moment. Enter Kaffeeform, a Berlin start-up that is looking to tackle both of these issues by using coffee grounds and natural glues to create sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable coffee cups. We think they look beautiful and are unlike any other coffee cup we’ve seen before.


Take a look in the short intro film below and visit to find out more (found via Design Milk)

On a similar note, Dezeen has the story behind the HyO-Cup, another innovative drinking vessel. This one is biodegradable and made from home-grown veg.


Painting with magic

Alicia shares a a lovely short film about Martin Frost, a fore-edge painter and possibly the last person to specialise in this unique British art form that dates back to the 1600’s. If you’ve not heard of it before, fore-edge painting is the practice of painting hidden images on the edges of book pages, which only appear when you know the secret of revealing them. Take a look below to discover more…

Visit Martin’s website to see more of his work (via uncrate).

Digital art on display

From the traditional to contemporary. Did you know that the world’s first digital art museum recently opened in Tokyo, Japan? As featured on Design Milk, the museum is “divided into five distinct zones and “painted” alive using 470 Epson projectors powered by 520 computers, each interior is blanketed as hyper-colored landscapes of augmented reality”. The launch film and initial photographs (found via Design Milk) show off a pretty spectacular immersive space, blurring the lines between physical, digital, experiential and art…




You can find out more on the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless website.

Creative Discomforts

To end the week we wanted to share a film created by Taxi Studio created for D&AD New Blood, which features animated versions of well-known creatives including Marina Willer, Jack Renwick and Jim Sutherland talking about what “fearless creativity” means to them. Watch ‘Creative Discomforts’ below – enjoy!

Found via Creative Bloq.


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