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Friday Favourites

We do love a beautifully designed book cover here at DB, and we’re rather fond of Henning M. Lederer’s minimalist animated versions of midcentury book covers, bringing each title to life in a subtle but enchanting way:

We found these films via Swissmiss, you can see more of Lederer’s animation work on Vimeo.

Collaborative digital storytelling

Also on the subject of books, we came across Boook.Land this week, which offers an innovative approach to storytelling whereby users collaborate online to write a novel. The twist? Each writer picks up from the previous, but can only see the last few paragraphs written. Read all about it on It’s Nice That.


Illustration Inspiration

Looking for a spot of illustration inspiration this week? Alicia points us in the direction of Daps! on Twitter, who is encouraging black British illustrators to share their work with the world…


Illustration by Camilla Ru – @thecamru



Illustration by Uberpup – @the_uberpup



Illustrations by Kei Maye - @Kei_Maye

There’s lots of brilliant work to discover, so take a look for yourself here.

Light up the sky

In bonus illustration inspiration news this week, Fubiz shared a beautiful set of vintage Japanese fireworks illustrations, which originally came from the catalogues of 20th-century English fireworks company C.R. Brock and Company.




You can download more examples from the Yokohama City Library archives, which you’ll find here (note that the website is in Japanese).

You’ll never believe it…

And finally this week, Claire P and James M shared the rather charming story of Wiktar – the world’s first electric car-sharing scheme, which launched in the Netherlands in 1974. Your read that correctly. 1974. Way ahead of it’s time. You can find out more about it on the BBC website – enjoy!

by Anna Stanford

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