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Friday Favourites

Welcome to the latest installment of Friday Favourites – our end-of-week roundup featuring some of our favourite creative stories. We’ll begin this week with a story from the art world…

Any colour, as long as it’s black

Cast your mind back a couple of years and you may recall the backlash that artist Anish Kapoor received when he was granted the exclusive rights to paint with Vantablack, dubbed the world’s “blackest black” paint. Artists and designers all over the world were not happy about this elitist, non-inclusive situation. Fast forward to 2019. Artist Stuart Semple has created an even blacker black paint – and he’s banned Kapoor from using it!

The pigment of Black 3.0  paint absorbs between 98-99% of visible light and the results using it are pretty stunning:


The paint has already sold out but if you back the Kickstarter, which has far exceeded its original target, you’ll be able to get your hands on your own bottle of Black 3.0 acrylic paint as soon as the next batch is released. Unless you’re Anish Kapoor, that is…

Original story and imagery from Dezeen.

Singaporean Street Art

This week we loved watching “Coloring the streets of Singapore”, a new short film by the Singapore Tourist Board that profiles local street artist Zero, whose vibrant work you’ll find all over Kampong Glam close to our Studio…

Found via boingboing.

Design Bridge on Bridge Design

Now we know that a story about bridge design in Shanghai shared by us (Design Bridge, who have a Studio in Shanghai) could come across as a little bit complicated – try saying that after a Friday G&T or two – but this one we couldn’t resist! The world’s longest 3D printed bridge has just been declared open in Shanghai and its an impressive feat, plus it’s rather beautiful up close:



Constructed from 176 concrete units, the pieces of this pedestrian bridge were printed in 450 hours and the designers, led by professor Xu Weiguo from the Tsinghua University School of Architecture in Beijing, claim that it was much cheaper to build that by using traditional methods. Even more interesting is the fact that the bridge has a monitoring system built into it that will record how the concrete deforms over time – you can find out more on Dezeen.

Who needs words?

For those who prefer to communicate in tiny pictorial form than words, we have some good news to share – Unicode has announced its latest batch of emojis, which are due to be released next month. You’ll soon have flamingos, falafel and a much more diverse set of people to compose your message with, not to mention the much-debated blood drop (more on that at The Independent). You can see the full range of 230 new emojis in the short film below:

Found via It’s Nice That.


Making art: team bonding in the Design Bridge Singapore Studio


Friday Favourites