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Friday Favourites

We like tiny things here on Friday Favourites, and we love Tanaka Tatsuya’s ‘Miniature Calendar’ project. Since 2011, Tatsuya has been creating miniature dioramas using everyday objects and adding them to a daily online calendar.

Miniature Calendar Pills

Miniature Calendar Pins

Thanks to Henriette S in our London office for finding this for us.

Friday’s Favourite Fonts

This week we came across several interesting font-based stories, which gave us the perfect opportunity to use an alliterative headline. First up was a Fast Company article about Daniel Britton. After being diagnosed with dyslexia, and feeling unsupported by his classmates and teachers at school, Britton decided to design a font to demonstrate the difficulties faced by dyslexic people when reading.

Dyslexia Font

Not only did it help those around him understand his frustrations, it also landed him a job!

Read his story here.

Dyslexia Font Example

It’s Nice That posted this lovely article on Doves Type; a typeface that, up until last year, was lost in the River Thames – a must-read for all font fans.

Finally, when perusing our latest Instagram followers, we spotted Jamie Clarke’s ‘Ghost Stories’ which combines some of our favourite things – storytelling, typography and illustration.

Jamie Clarke Ghost Stories Cover

Jamie Clarke Ghost Stories T

Jamie Clarke Ghost Stories J

Find out more about this project and see more of the work on Clarke’s website.


We wanted to mention the #MissingType campaign in the UK, which has captured the imagination of many iconic British brands. In support of National Blood Week, the campaign has seen big brands and well-known names dropping the A, O and B letters (representing blood types) from their logos and communications in a bid to attract more people to donate blood. This is a simple yet clever way to tap into multiple audiences with a unified message.

#MissingType Marmite

#MissingType Downing Street

MissingType Campaign

Read more about the campaign on Design Week.

Creative sculpture

Creative Sculpture

To finish off this week’s Friday Favourites, a “thank you” to Sue K from DB London for sharing this amazing photo album of creative sculptures and statues from around the world – enjoy!


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