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Friday Favourites

This week we’ve been mesmerised by Michael Murphy’s “Perceptual Shift” sculpture, currently on display at the IMAGE Gallery in New York. Composed of 1,252 black wooden balls suspended from the ceiling, this installation challenges the viewer, depending on where they’re standing in the gallery.

Animation and video from Michael Murphy’s website.

Conceptual Poster Design

Our favourite Tumblr this week is Alex Proba’s ‘A Poster A Day’ – no prizes for guessing what it’s all about! Here are some of our favourites, including a croissant in honour of Cannes this week and a bunny, just because it’s Friday:

Alex Proba croissant

Alex Proba feather

Alex Proba ice cream

Alex Proba rabbit

Get your conceptual poster design inspiration here (found via Fubiz).

A daily dose of good advertising

Fed up of badly designed and dull adverts cluttering up the internet? We have the tool just for you! Launched this week by D&AD, this browser plug-in will completely change your browsing experience by only showing you the most inspiring and creative ads. Clever stuff.


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