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Friday Favourites

Each week we put together our Friday Favourites – a selection of creative and inspiring stories we’ve come across over the past week. So before we head off to the Nutella Cafe for lunch (spied by Baz), here are this week’s favourites…

Noticing Nature

Forget rainbows, check out this fog bow!

Photograph by Melvin Nicholson

Photograph by Melvin Nicholson, via BBC

Shot by photographer Melvin Nicholson in Glen Coe, Scotland, this winter wonderland-esque scene features a colourless rainbow made up of the water droplets that cause fog. Nature is amazing.

Found via BBC.

Mobilize Me

From Brendan this week: “I came across a charity which struck a note with myself. Here in Amsterdam, bicycles undoubtedly make our life far easier. We may even take them for granted, but what if a bicycle could actually change someone’s life, breaking the distance barriers so that they can attend a school or reach healthcare? Spare a moment to have a wee watch of this video…”

You can find out more about the charity at

Felt Faces

And now for something completely irreverent with a touch of craft. As part of The 100 Day Project, artist Becky Margraf is hand-sewing a different felt face each day for 100 days:





See all of them here (just 2 more days to go!)  and follow Becky on Instagram for more crafty inspiration.

Influential Photography

From Dalí to Bradley Cooper’s Oscars selfie, Time Magazine has published 100 of the most influential photographs of all time online – a great reminder of important moments in history, cultural shifts, and a huge variety of photography styles.

Dali Atomicus : Philippe Halsman : 1949

Dali Atomicus : Philippe Halsman : 1949

A man on the moon : Neil Armstrong : 1969

A man on the moon : Neil Armstrong : 1969

Oscars Selfie : Bradley Cooper : 2014

Oscars Selfie : Bradley Cooper : 2014

See them all here.

And while we’re on the subject of photography…

Black Mirror

No, not THAT Black Mirror. THIS Black Mirror is a photography exhibition at The Thinking Hut by our very own Richard Rigby (Creative Artworker and Photographer in our Amsterdam Studio). Richard’s work explores the changing traditions and perceptions of Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), the accomplice of Sinterklass (Saint Nicholas) in Dutch folklore. Click the image below for more information – opening night is Thursday 1st December and the exhibition runs until 13th January.


Speaking of things to do in Amsterdam…

What’s happening, Amsterdam?

Jade is back this week with her round up of the best things to do in and around our Dutch home this weekend…

International Document Film Festival Amsterdam (idfa)
This weekend is the final few days of idfa, a rather brilliant documentary film festival. There’s lots to discover over the weekend so take a look at the program schedule to see what’s on and where.

Meesterlijk, Design & Craft
This weekend you’ll find a fair few of us at Meesterlijk at the stunning Westergasfabriek – a 3 day event dedicated to contemporary design and craft. It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique Christmas present and seek our inspiration from local designers and craftspeople. Find out more here.

Stuff Dutch People Eat
At 4pm tomorrow (Saturday 26 November) at the American Book Center you’ll find friend of DB Colleen Geske launching her brand new book, Stuff Dutch People Eat. Alongside an intro to the book and a signing, there will be plenty of Dutch food and drink to sample. Find all the details here.

BONUS Friday animation inspiration

And finally, if you don’t follow us on Instagram then you may not know that our London Realisation team have taken over the account this week. It’s full of lovely snippets of animation and visualisation inspiration, so make you you take a look @design_bridge.

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