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Friday Favourites

A few weeks ago, we were mesmerised by Michael Murphy’s ‘Perceptual Shift’. This week it’s the turn of Nicolas Ménard, who’s entrancing us with the collection of animated GIFs he created for Tourist’s ‘Illuminate’ music video. Watch it in full below:

Found via It’s Nice That.

All the colours of the rainbow

Looking for some colourful inspiration? Well look no further than ‘Colors’ by The Mercadantes – a 2 and a half minute visual feast of colours taken from everyday activities and surroundings:

Found via swissmiss.

And for a double hit of a colour, check out Tiny PMS Match – a collection of images matching everyday objects to their Pantone colours.

Pantone Black 2 C

Pantone 2031

Pantone 144 C

This project, created by designer Inka Mathew, is currently being turned into a book and will no doubt feature on our Christmas list (hint hint, generous Friday Favourites readers).

All images by Inka Mathew on Tiny PMS Match.

The Art of Corita Kent

A shout out to DB London’s Holly K who shared this article about the work of Corita Kent, aka Sister Mary Corita. In Holly’s words; “I’ve been a big fan of this lady for a long time and this is a lovely capture of her work – Sister Mary Corita is a nun who moonlights as an artist and printmaker, and her typographic posters are just lovely.” Friday Favourites agrees.

The Pasadena Museum of California Art is currently holding a retrospective of Kent’s work – here are a few examples (as featured on We Heart):

Corita Kent sun

Corita Kent Hell

Corita Kent speaking

Friday Favourites loves Reader’s Favorites

Typography must be on our collective mind this week. Jason K from DB Amsterdam shared an It’s Nice That article on this beautifully handcrafted 3D type created by Snask. The type was used on the front cover of The Washington Post Magazine’s recent ‘Reader’s Favorites’ issue. We love the care, attention and craft that has gone into creating each character by hand.

Snask The Washington Post drip

Snask The Washington Post hotdog

Snask The Washington Post

All images by Snask/The Washington Post.


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