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Friday Favourites

As regular Friday Favourites readers will know, we love discovering new and inspiring photographers, and our latest find – and first Favourite of the week – is Małgorzata Sajur whose work is all about looking at life through a mirror…




Story and images found on Fubiz. You can see more of Małgorzata’s work on Behance.

Nomenclature of Colours

Here’s one for those of you who appreciate colours and poetic naming. Colossal has published an article on ‘Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours’, a 19th Century book that provided a descriptive guide of colour and colour classification for artists, scientists, naturalists and anthropologists. Alicia shared the article this week and commented, “I’d love to hear one of our designers describe an orange as being the same as the ‘belly of a warty newt’, or a green as the ‘underside of the wings of the green broom moth’.”




Originally published in 1814, the book is being re-published this month as a pocket-guide – you can preorder yours on Amazon here.

All images from the original article on Colossal.

Instagram of the Week

Our favourite find on Instagram this week is Jessie Beardan, spotted by Craig R. Here’s what he had this to say: “I stumbled across this NYC artist a month or so back, initially finding her incredible large scale portraits from tennis balls, but Jessie also creates portraits and other bits from absolutely all sorts of media. My personal favourite is ‘Chance the Wrapper’ and I just love how she always uses a medium that relates to the person she is creating a portrait of. I’ve never seen anything else quite like it.”

A post shared by Jessie Bearden (@jessiebearden) on

A post shared by Jessie Bearden (@jessiebearden) on

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You can follow Jessie on Instagram @jessiebearden.

Illustrators vs. AI

What if illustrators were replaced by robots? What a terrifying thought that strikes fear into our hearts! But, as Geoffroy de Crécy says in this article from WePresent, “If you think about vectors, all the illustrators working with vector shapes are just using the machine’s language, and they are probably already teaching the machines how to draw.” Either way we are rather fond of Geoffroy’s work, particularly his hypnotic looping animations, which are particularly satisfying to watch.

You can see more of Geoffroy’s work on his Instagram (thanks to Laura F for sharing).

And if you want to be even more terrified by the prospect of the machines taking over, Nike has released a new running shoe that has been partly designed using an algorithm. You can read more about it on Wired.


Next up it’s time to step into the world of fashion with “YO! MY SAINT”, a lovely short a film by Ana Lily Amirpour with music by Karen O (feat. Michael Kiwanuka), part of Kenzo’s Spring/Sumer ’18 campaign…

Thanks to Ulrike and Jade for sharing.

Pink Love in Shanghai

Our Helena is over in Shanghai at the moment and spied a rather lovely installation at the K11 shopping mall on Huai Hei Road that we wanted to share this week. Here she is to tell you a bit more: “There is a wall where you can make a pink paper airplane and write your own message of love on it, then paste it to the wall. The exterior of the shopping mall is branded and lit up, and there are airplanes and fluffy clouds all over. There’s even a garden of pink tulips, which are my favourite having spent 3 months working in our Amsterdam Studio last spring.”

A post shared by K11 (@k11hk) on


If you visit K11 between now and the beginning of March you’ll also find all sorts of other pink-themed activities going on, including an interactive mobile-based “cloud” game, a Valentine’s Day party and art exhibitions to celebrate International Women’s Day. Find out more on that’s magazine.


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