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Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday Favourites. It’s been a big week! We’re hoping to offer you a breath of fresh air today, and so our theme this week is all about the aesthetics. Beautiful and bold illustrations that just look great and make your eyes happy when you see them. Let’s get started…

How to Eat Spaghetti Like a Lady

First, if you’ve ever lost sleep about how to eat a plate of spaghetti in a demure and ladylike manner – there’s good news. In 1942, a photographer called Alfred Eisenstaedt took the problem into his own hands and published a series of photos in Time Life magazine demonstrating how women should consume spaghetti, ‘like a lady’.

If you’re thinking that this is all a bit ridiculous and doesn’t sound like fun at all – there’s even better news. Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli has created ‘How to Eat Spaghetti Like a Lady’, a series of artworks paying an irreverent homage to good old Eisenstaedt, depicting “soft, amused and colourful women” eating spaghetti “however they like”.

Olimpia-Zagnoli 3

Olimpia-Zagnoli 2

To find out more, head over to It’s Nice That and read the full story.

Folklore and Superstitions

More lovely illustrations this week, this time from Alice Pattullo’s new collection ‘Of House and Home’. Taking you on a “journey through a Victorian household”, these detailed and somewhat sinister drawings are based on old wives tales and folklore.

Alice Pattullo 2

Alice Pattullo 3

We particularly love this sweet beehive, which explains that “Bees are intelligent creatures of mystery and prediction… and must always be informed of any major changes in the household”. Well, now we know!

Alice Pattullo 1

More illustrations here.

Papercut Illustrations

From the studio of WRK Design come these tasty paper-cut creations, folded, glued and crafted by hand using paper from G.F Smith’s Colorplan range.




The German design team of ‘tactile illustrators’ has also produced work for the likes of Google, Deutsche Bahn and the Goethe Institute, much of which can be seen on their website, here. For the full story, head over to Creative Boom, here.

Finally, a few things to brighten up your commute, or to have a go at while you enjoy your lie-in tomorrow morning…

Monument Valley 2

The newest release from ustwo, Monument Valley 2, was launched this week as a sequel to its hugely popular big sister, Monument Valley. It’s a colourful and surreal puzzle game in which the user must guide a mother-daughter duo through a series of Escher-esque landscapes. More than two years in the making, the game is simply gorgeous, and the music is the perfect antidote to a crowded tube train – definitely worth keeping your headphones on for this one.

Monument Valley 1

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 3

Monument Valley 4

Download the game from the app store and get the full story on It’s Nice That.

I Love Hue

Another colourful puzzle game, I Love Hue simply presents you with a mixed up colour spectrum, and you must then return everything to its proper order. It’s hugely satisfying to piece together the coloured squares, and pretty addictive too – thanks to Beth for giving us the heads up on this one!

I Love Hue 1

I Love Hue 2

I Love Hue 3

I Love Hue can be downloaded for free here.

P.S. If you’re interested in how good you actually are at organising a spectrum of colours (it might be trickier than you think!), try the Munsell Hue Accuity Spectrum test.


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