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Friday Favourites

When you think of music legend Prince the colour purple will always spring to mind and, earlier this week, Pantone Color Institute and The Prince Estate announced a new custom colour dedicated to his memory – Love Symbol #2, inspired by Prince’s iconic, custom-made Yamaha purple piano.


You can read more about it on Pantone’s website. Thanks to Helena for sharing.

Architectural Hand Lettering

Want to learn a new skill this weekend? How about the craft of hand lettering like an architect? Here comes the tutorial…

Found via boingboing.

Cinematic Food

If you’re a bit of a foodie then you’ll be very familiar with that classic birds-eye view social media video of beautifully laid out ingredients, perfectly manicured hands appearing in shot to assemble the ultimate Avo Toast, colourful quinoa salad or oozy burger. David Ma’s #foodfilms series, however, is a bit different. His films take inspiration from the very particular and recognisable styles of famous directors. So if you’ve ever asked yourself “What if Quentin Tarantino made spaghetti and meatballs?” then these are for you…

The story behind these films was found by Jason on W Magazine.

Total Eclipse

In anticipation of Monday’s solar eclipse, which will arc across the USA for the first time in decades, The New York Times has put together a brilliant short film to show you exactly what will happen and the best places to catch it in the US:

Found via Laughing Squid.

Designs of the Year 2017

To end this week’s Friday Favourites, a quick peek at some of the nominees for this year’s Beazley Designs of the Year, an exhibition of which will be on display at London’s Design Museum later on this year…





You can see more on It’s Nice That, and find exhibition details on the Design Museum website.


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