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Fun, games and eggs on the Design Bridge Singapore Away Day 2018

An annual tradition for our Studio, this year’s Away Day celebrated Singapore’s roots to the fullest. The day was very much about “kampong spirit”. With volunteering and working together for the benefit of residents living in the same community at the heart of it, kampong spirit was a way in which leaders would rally their communities in the sixties, and it played a crucial part in building the identity among the people – very similar to the spirit of unity we’ve fostered at Design Bridge all around the world.

To immerse ourselves in kampong spirit, our Away Day took place at Kampung Kampus, a beautiful green sustainable space located in the north of Singapore. On arrival we were immediately transported back into an older more simpler Singapore, with a more stripped back landscape and a sense of serenity.


We were split into 6 teams, each named after childhood games played here in Singapore and in the kampung. There was team Guli (marbles), team Lidi (pick up sticks), team Capteh (a shuttlecock you hit with your foot), team Getah (erasers), team Gasing (spinning top) and team Batu (five stones). The event kicked off with a series of 5 mini challenges and, with a grand total prize of $500 up for grabs, our competitive nature kicked in.


The first challenge was shooting darts to pop a board of balloons, but it was the second challenge that was by far everyone’s favourite – make the longest line, using anything you had on you. Anything. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a large group of people take off so many clothes so quickly in my life! Socks, shoe laces, phones, keys… people started emptying the contents of their wallet and making a chain of dollars to add to the line. Once the teams started running out of objects it was time to change tactic and bodies started laying on the floor outstretched; an infinite human chain recreating Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ among the sprawled items on the floor.

Needless to say it was truly a bonding experience.

The third challenge was inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s egg roulette. There’s a basket full of eggs. You grab one. Do you have a raw egg or a boiled egg? You honestly wouldn’t know because they both feel the same. You must smash the egg against your forehead to find out and the most amount of clean foreheads in a team wins….


Next up we played Capteh. For those unfamiliar with the game, the aim is to keep the feathered shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible using your foot. You would think that with all the practice we did in the hallways on the days leading up to the Away Day that we’d be phenomenal. We weren’t, and most people ended up using their hands to pass the Capteh around!


The final challenge was the photo challenge, inspired by a Korean game show. Two teams get on a platform (definitely not the most spacious platform) and face a camera to have a photo taken. The team with the most smiling members in the final photo wins, so you must try to cover the opposing team’s faces. The photos below better explain the full experience…




After several rounds, there was a tie between team Gasing and team Guli, and in the end they decided to split the prize money.

Following the mini challenges was the final showdown – the water fight – a great 5 minutes before we sat down to a lovely lunch and drinks, in typical DB fashion.

Our Away Day committee did a phenomenal job of organising such a memorable day, so a huge “thank you” to them!

Story by Bhavya Jagadesh, a Junior Film & Animation Designer based in our Singapore Studio. If you’d like to join Bhavya and the team, check our Careers page for the latest opportunities.


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