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Highlights from Dutch Design Week 2018

Dutch Design Week never disappoints with bright ideas – even when Eindhoven is characteristically grey. Here’s a snippet of some of our favourite pieces (as well as some trends we spotted along the way).



Superfast is an annual event designed to provoke conversation in the packaging the design industries, organised by the BNO (Association of Dutch Designers). This year’s focus on transparency attracted a diverse set of speakers – from lab-grown meat to slow fashion. The event ended on a high, with former Design Bridge Amsterdam intern David Horsler winning the Student Talent Award for his sustainable packaging design, as well as a special mention for our very own Christian Lank and former intern, Adrià Tañà Ferrer. Congratulations!



Introverts unite! And do not disturb. This compact ‘meta-office’ is designed as a space for employees to work, think or just get away – the new out of office. By Chris Collaris Architects & Dutch Invertuals.


Reis van morgen

Directly translated as “trip of tomorrow”, the Dutch National Railway (NS) created a virtual reality commute: Reis Van Morgen. Big promises for the future of Dutch travel, with a focus on creating spaces for ‘mindfulNS’.

Steps for 3D printing


This year, it was hard to find a DDW hall that didn’t have multiple 3D printed designs. But who can’t be impressed by a 3D printed bridge? The bridge is made of steel, extremely sturdy and nicely interactive. An all-round impressive feat by Dutch robotics company MX3D.



There are always the installations that bring out the child in us – and Philip Schutte’s SUN (with Random Studio) was just that. A large ball that controls the movement of the sun setting over an ocean – quite literally playing with the planets.

Sonos x Frame


This year’s Dutch Design Week felt close to home (literally) – many of the pieces looked like they’d be better suited to a living room than a lab. Sonos (ultimate home sound systems) together with Frame magazine created an interactive set of frames that combine design, art and sound. Each frame played a different sound when moved and together, an instrumental harmony.

Weeks like DDW never fail to inspire, delight and surprise us – with a sharp focus on sustainability and circularity this year. In the best way possible, the week leaves us asking: “If not us, then who?”


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