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Inspiration sessions at Design Bridge Singapore

“Where do you go for creative inspiration?”

A question that we’re often asked, and one that we regularly ask each other, too.

One of the things we do at Design Bridge to help inspire the team is invite special guests to come and share their stories with us. Here’s Tom Gilbert, Creative Director of Brand Experience at Design Bridge Singapore, to tell you about the latest visitors to the Studio…

“Once a month, at 8:30am and usually at one of Singapore’s museums or events spaces, the creative community meet at an event called Creative Mornings. I recently attended one on the theme of “Serendipity”, and one of the things we were asked to do was to turn to the person sitting next to you and introduce yourself to see if there were any serendipitous connections. Strangely, there was. I met Debby, one half of STUDIO DAM. She was so friendly and passionate about design that I asked if she’d like come and share that passion and desire for craft with the rest of the Studio.”

It was such a treat to have Debby and her STUDIO DAM partner, Matthijs, join us for breakfast and to learn about their design approach. STUDIO DAM work mainly with start-ups, creating products, imagery, spatial & visual brand identities. This creative duo tend to be very hands-on. They get properly involved in every project they work on, and they’re not shy about it. For example, they will blow up 1,000 balloons for an installation, make paper mock-ups for a display, weave carpets or hand-sew leather items themselves.

We learned from their examples how much care they put into their choice of materials, often travelling abroad to meet with suppliers and talk through the details. That level of attention to detail and care really resonated with us and how we work, and at the end of the talk the whole team felt incredibly inspired.




We made 2 new friends in Debby and Matthijs and, who knows, maybe someday we’ll get to collaborate with them…

We also recently had brand illustrator Chris Mitchell of Epic Icons spend an evening in the Studio with us. Chris is no stranger to DB, having worked with us on a variety of projects over the years, but it was a great opportunity for some of the newer and more junior members of the team to find out a little more about his work, and for all of us to learn about his methods and ways of generating creative ideas.


Chris had some very clear messages on creativity, inspiration and originality, telling us a few stories from the days before computers (remember those?!). It was a brilliant reminder that the physical act of sketching and drawing can often help you to express and develop ideas, rather than relying on technology to do the work for you. James Diaz Alberdi, one of our Design Directors, had this to say:

“I will always remember first coming across Chris’s work. I was a fresh-faced Illustrator whose university tutors had strongly encouraged me into becoming a children’s book illustrator, neglecting to tell myself and my course mates that our craft could be used in a plethora of ways other than the creation of pink elephants who had lost their balloons!

I was very fortunate that my first commission was for a packaging job. I remember turning up at the design studio, nervous and overly eager to do my best. I sat down in the meeting room and the designers started to show me reference boards of the kind of work and styles they had in mind for the job at hand. The board that stood out the most was covered in Chris’s work. It was stunning. Ever since then, Chris has been a huge source of inspiration in my career. Meeting Chris and listening to his journey and his passion for perfecting the craft of illustration was deeply encouraging.”

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to Debby, Matthijs and Chris for taking the time to come and share their stories with us. Lots of food for thought and exciting things to come in the future…


Want to join our next inspiration session? Check our Careers page for the latest opportunities to join the team in Singapore.


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