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Lesson from a moldy Whopper

Whether you love it, hate it, or feel total ambivalence towards it, there’s no doubting that Burger King’s recent “Moldy Whopper” ad – an idea credited to many agencies including Publicis, Ogilvy, INGO Stockholm and DAVID Miami – is one of the most talked-about creative campaigns so far this year (give it a Google and you’ll see what we mean).

Fabio Milito, a Creative Director based in our Amsterdam Studio, shares his thoughts and what we can learn from it…


In 2013 a guy from Utah found a McDonald’s hamburger from 1999 in his pocket. It was perfectly preserved.

This is how we, as consumers, are used to seeing food depicted.

But what does “the beauty of no artificial preservatives” look like? Often the right question leads to the best insight.

To many, this campaign is one of the best out there at the moment.

It is revolutionary because it questions something we deal with every day: the ‘science’ of Appetite Appeal.

It took 3 years and the combined effort of three creative agencies to convince the client to go on air with such an ad, facing familiar comments as “I wonder how many burgers this campaign will sell”.

And it will probably take some more time for others to accept the fact that a single shot of a moldy Whopper has come to the rescue of every future slick Whopper image.

Soundtrack is everything.

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by Anna Stanford

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