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What we’re listening to this week #67 Special DJ A-Train Edition

This week you’re in for a musical treat as DB London’s resident Friday afternoon studio DJ Aaron D’Costa – aka DJ A-Train – has compiled this week’s playlist. Hold on to your hats. Here’s Aaron to tell you more about his unofficial DJ role, and to introduce the music that the people want to hear…


I bloody love music and there is nothing worse than a quiet studio – so I took charge. Hopefully people appreciate me breaking the quieter moments, even if it is with a belter from The Lighthouse Family. You can’t please everyone, so on Fridays I create a playlist called “Music Request Fridays” (#MRF) where the London studio contribute to the tunes blasted throughout the floor. I’m now looking to get a microphone for my desk to take DB Radio Tunes to the next level.

Here’s my selection of what was requested last Friday…

Damo, without fail, always asks for The Human League – Together in Electric Dreams despite the fact that he sits on a different floor to the studio and can’t actually hear the playlist.

Sapph requested Drake – Controlla this week “just because it’s one banging tune!” Fair enough, Sapph, here it is:

Morgan has asked for Christmas tunes. For the last few months. So last week I let her have this one:

Nothing like catchy Indie pop to take you back to Sixth Form. Also check out ‘You & Me’. The Hunna – Piece by Piece:

On Mayer Hawthorne – Fancy Clothes, Ainsley told me, “I saw him live recently and it was the best gig I’ve ever been too, talk about being even better live… Oh and it’s FUNKY AS HELL and makes me want to put my fancy clothes on.” We are yet to see Ainsley in his fancy clothes.

“Shout out to our main homie J-Dowg. He wants to listen to who let the dogs out. Can we also have 21 Seconds! Big up to the Lipton crew MASSIVEEEEEEE brap brap big chooooon! MC Ian Watts is gonna LOVE this!” Er thanks Rebecca?!

I’ll be honest, I thought that Mat Brown (of the late, great DB Band Jam) really killed the playlist vibe with his choice. Turned out he meant to send it as a recommendation just for me. It is so awesome though, so it’s staying in. James Vincent McMorrows – Rising Water:

Charlotte H told me that, sometimes, you just really need some old school Hip Hop to get through the day. Agreed. 2Pac – Changes:

Ash is one of #MRF’s most committed contributors, with a fine selection of songs. Just one is too good to choose from so here is “Listening with Lambert” (an entire playlist dedicated to her).

I agree with Melissa entirely this week. It is SO rubbish that Taylor Swift isn’t on Spotify anymore. We did find her on YouTube, though:

“If you don’t know them, get on it. New album is insane too. They’re a grower for sure.” This was Mr Phil D talking about Twenty One Pilots. Here’s one of their songs:

John S almost missed their gig at Koko the other week but, so he tells me, he made it on time! Hurrah for John S! “What an opener! Banging.” Spring King – Detroit:

Molly even sent over some huge and edgy tunes all the way from Singapore. I do like an international contributor.

That’s it for my selection this week, but you can listen to the full, extended playlist on Spotify:

The End.

Side note: Aaron, with the help of Charlie, recorded his very own introduction to this week’s WWLTTW playlist. Or “DB Radio Tunes”, as they are calling it. It’s rather unique.

If anyone wants to hire Aaron and Charlie for public radio, you can email your requests here.


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