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Marking our 30th birthday: the Design Bridge family tree

The final few months of 2016 have been quite an exciting time for us. Not only is it the run up to Christmas, we’ve also just celebrated our 30th birthday!

Here’s Birgitte Woehlk, Group Brand Guardian, to tell you more about how we’ve marked the occasion…

Birgitte Woehlk

At Design Bridge, our development and growth has always been organic, evolving as opportunities arise. Back in 2006 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion we created our first family tree, capturing the names of every single person who has ever been part of the Design Bridge journey, with an update made 5 years later.


The idea of a family tree was inspired by the organic growth of the business, and the fact that people are at the heart of who we are and what we do. Our people are like the leaves on a tree, bringing it to life.

This year we wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary by recognising the people who are part of the Design Bridge family now. So, sticking with the theme, we decided to represent each person as a leaf on a new kind of family tree.

We started by creating a DB 30th identity based on 4 leaves – one for each of our locations, chosen and drawn in-house in each studio. Singapore selected a Banana leaf, New York an Eastern Red Bud leaf  (the most prevalent tree in nearby Gramercy Park), Amsterdam chose a Linden leaf as Linden trees line the local canals. The symbolically English Oak leaf was the perfect choice for London.


The four leaves have been elegantly combined into one identity with ’30’ subtly worked into the lines, and this identity has been used throughout the year for various activities.

On 3rd November, (our actual birthday) an installation appeared in each Studio alongside some instructions – to remember and capture some of the special moments we’ve had during our 30 years. We asked every person to write their favourite memory of their time at DB on a wooden leaf, and then hang it on the installation to create a new version of our family tree in each Studio. Each installation has a predominance of the Studio’s chosen leaf but with a sprinkling of the other leaves to symbolise the constant interaction and collaboration across the group.


The installations have been interpreted specifically to fit and suit the local site, with a number of leaves representative of the number of people working there. In New York, a small, standing installation fits neatly in. In Singapore and Amsterdam, the hanging installations are smaller than London’s 230 strong one.

New York

Our tree in New York


Adding leaves to our tree in Singapore…


…and in Amsterdam


Our London tree, proudly hanging in our reception area

And let’s not forget the technical bit. Designed, created and assembled in-house, the leaves have been laser cut out of 4 different types of wood veneer, each reflecting the four leaf types.


The wires have been sprayed the same bronze colour that you’ll find as our visual identity accent colour, and a mini campaign was created by our Digital and Film & Animation teams to prompt everybody to take part…


And the result? Apart from the beautiful installations that now adorn each Studio (a talking point for visitors), the activity has also led to a bit of reminiscing. The words “Do you remember when…” have been heard a great deal in the past few weeks and, with so many great memories and so many good times, we can’t wait for the many more to come. Roll on the Christmas parties!




A special thanks to Lisa, Richard, Alice and Tatiana for taking these beautiful photographs.


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