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Meet the new faces of DB London

If you’ve visited our London Studio in the past few weeks then you might have spotted some new faces about the building. As September welcomes in the autumn season, we have welcomed 6 new Graduates to the team.

Our Grads have arrived in pairs this year – Jordan and Charlie were our 2015 Bursary winners and completed placements in the Studio last year (welcome back, guys!), we found Kirsty and Bethany at D&AD New Blood (more on that here), and Georgi and Hannah have joined us via our brand new Client Servicing and Strategy Graduate Scheme. Welcome on board everyone!

So, 2 weeks in, we thought we’d find out a little bit more about them, and how they are all getting on…

Jordan: graduated from Northumbria University, is an identical twin
“The first week was incredible, everyone was genuinely very friendly and welcoming, and there were plenty of inductions to settle us all in at a good pace. What has surprised me the most has been the effort people have taken out of their much busier schedules to make time for us newbies – whether it’s a welcome lunch, an introduction before a meeting, or even somebody leaping out of their seat to show you how to print without hesitation! It has all made me feel very valued!”

Charlie: graduated from Ravensbourne, can do a backflip on a BMX (we have video evidence)
“As I’ve worked here before as part of the bursary scheme it was just like coming back to work and seeing everyone again. That was really nice as starting a new job can be quite daunting.”

Kirsty: graduated from Edinburgh Napier, used to be a competitive figure skater
“I have loved my first two weeks here at DB! Everyone has been very welcoming and I have felt very at home in the studio. I have already learnt a great deal and I have had the chance to work on various projects with some clients that I could only have dreamed of designing for before. The thing that did surprise me the most was the birthday traditions – there should be a warning for all new starters! Having had my birthday on my 3rd day, and never having experienced a birthday tradition at DB, I did not know what to expect. Clapping, and clapping, and even more clapping! It’s such a great idea, though, and it was a good chance for me to meet new people. And, of course, the cake was a bonus too. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday!”

Bethany: graduated from Leeds College of Art, known as “Jeffany” to her friends
“What’s surprised me the most? I think how nice everyone has been. You always hear horror stories about people in the creative industry, so it’s lovely to know that it’s not true here. It’s been really good – especially getting back into being creative and seeing how all of it works!”

Georgi: graduated from Queen Mary University London, skilled sushi maker
“I feel like I’ve met so many people across the business (and immediately forgotten everyone’s names, sorry!) and everyone has been super friendly and approachable. I really love the informal and productive atmosphere, and I’m surprised (in a good way) by how much fun it is just to be around the Studio. The Clerkenwell area has also impressed me – it’s a part of London where I haven’t spent a lot of time, and now I’m here I’m happy to be exploring the area. The food market is way too tempting!”

Hannah: graduated from Loughborough University, jazz pianist
“My first week at DB was exciting and fast paced – I was launched into live projects straight away which was the best way to start learning how DB works! Despite such a fast paced environment, it isn’t a stressful atmosphere – everyone is so welcoming despite their busy schedules, and keen to get you involved in all sorts of projects and any DB socialising!”

Last week we set our new recruits their first challenge – deliver a short presentation at our weekly “Friday Mingle” to tell us a bit about yourselves and share some of the work you are most proud of. They all did a brilliant job and the nerves didn’t show one bit!


Loki helpfully keeping an eye out for anyone missing Georgia’s presentation


Georgia told us all about her travels


Book design by Jordan

Hannah shared her "Melo" prototype process

Hannah shared her Melo prototype process


Some of Bethany’s favourite work

We asked Chloe, a Design Director who has been involved in hiring, planning and mentoring the Grads based in the Studio, to tell us a bit more: “Our Grads are all settling in, getting to know the teams, and learning their way around the building (and where the beer fridges are). We’re really lucky to have such talented juniors and I can’t wait to get them stuck in to some live projects, and for them to show us what they are made of.”

You’ll no doubt hear more about what Jordan, Charlie, Kirsty, Bethany, Georgi and Hannah get up to over the next few months (we’ve got a few more tasks for them up our sleeves), and if you’d like to join the team then check out our Careers page for the latest opportunities in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and New York.




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