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Open House for graduates at Design Bridge Singapore

We recently held an “Open House” in Singapore for final year design students and graduates to come and visit our studio. They were introduced to our environment and met some of the team before presenting their portfolios to us. There was also a Question and Answer session where they could gain some practical advice before embarking into the working world. Not only was this was a brilliant opportunity for young designers to gain insights into what it looked and felt like working in the creative industry, it was also a great opportunity for us to meet some of Singapore’s brightest young creatives and share the world of branding with them. And an excellent way to (hopefully) find some new junior members of the team!

Tim Siro, Executive Creative Director, and Tom Gilbert, Creative Director of Brand Experience, welcomed the group and took them through a wide array of recent work from all 4 of our Studios. Then it was time for Alice and Aaron to talk about their experiences of working at DB. Here’s what they both had to say…

Alice Ng, Junior Designer:
“I’ve been with DB for just over a year now and it has been quite an emotional rollercoaster ride! I started as a Presentations Executive before progressing into a Junior Designer role, and the past year has been the most exhilarating life experience! I went from learning how to perfect presentation decks to crafting beautiful branded packaging design. It’s been a steep learning curve but do I regret it? Not at all. Am I grateful for the opportunities I’ve had so far? Absolutely!”

Aaron Lim, 3D Designer:
“For me, it all started when I arrived at the door of this charming old shophouse as a Studio Intern in the 3D team in the summer of 2012. It was a short 10 weeks but I’m glad to say that it all went well and I left to complete my final year at ADM. Little did I know that, just 2 months back at college, I would receive a phone call from my then-Creative Director, Craig Glass, who kindly offered me the position of 3D Junior Technical Designer once I had graduated. Imagine how thrilled I was to be able to land a job 9 months before graduation!

From 3D Junior Technical Designer to 3D Designer now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to become well-balanced in both the creative and technical aspects of being a brand designer. Gone are the days of only working on 3D modelling, generating technical drawings and making mock-ups, I now also have piles and piles of sketches on my desk, too (sorry trees!).

I’ll soon be celebrating my 4th year with Design Bridge and I am proud to say that I still love doing what I do here. I love working with the people around me and I love the company culture. Beer, anyone?!”

After the talks and a tour around the Studio, it was time for our visitors to do some talking themselves as they shared their portfolios with various members of the team, talking our designers through some of their best work.




The entire event was summed up rather nicely by Tim:

“What was really interesting this year was that we opened the agency day to a diverse range of Design schools, each with different strengths and focuses. That is sign of the vibrancy of design education in Singapore, and the depth of thinking and research in the graduates year-end projects was really inspiring. Students seem to be really getting deep into the philosophy and social impact of design. As a result of the event, we have spotted 4 stand-out graduates who we will be inviting in for an interview and, hopefully, will be welcoming them to the team very soon.”

Exciting times ahead for all involved!


We’d like to say “good luck” to graduates all over the world who are taking that first step to working in the creative industries, we can’t wait to meet you.

If you’re thinking of joining the team in Singapore, don’t forget to check our Careers page for the latest opportunities.

Special thanks to Violet for co-ordinating both the event and this blog post, and Melissa for the photos.


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