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Putting our 3D design skills & equipment to good use

It’s been widely reported that supplies of PPE for NHS and key workers has been an issue in the UK during the current Coronavirus crisis. A few weeks back Keely, a Senior Designer usually based in our London Studio, spotted that her daughter’s school was fundraising to enable them to use their 3D printer to make PPE for those in need. And it got her thinking.

Since then we’ve re-deployed our London Studio’s two 3D printers to help the cause. When they are not being used for client work, Ben and Jack from our 3D team are are running the printers 24/7 (from the safety of their respective homes) to make visor components according to the government-approved specifications.

These are being packaged up and sent over to the team at Chalkwell Hall School who are assembling and distributing them to those in need, which has included hospitals, care homes, pharmacists and police officers so far.


It’s a small gesture, but we’re proud to be able to put our team’s skills and equipment to good use.


Chalkwell Hall School are still raising money to keeping buying supplies to maintain production, so if you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Stay safe, everyone.


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