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Sharing the Cadbury festive joy at Design Bridge London

Visit our London Studio during December and you’ll be greeted by the most festive of scenes in our reception area, which has been transformed into a unique winter wonderland, inspired by the rather exciting interactive advent calendar we created this year for Cadbury Heroes.

Behind each door of our new Cadbury Heroes advent calendar lies an individual Heroes chocolate bar. But that’s not all. We’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at Blippar to create an augmented reality advent experience for the festive period. Every day between 1-24 December people can scan their calendar using the Blippar app to access a series of playful, festive-themed selfie filters. They can then spread the festive joy by sharing their favourite (and funniest) selfies with friends and family. But rather than just tell you about it, we made a little film to show you how it works…

Inspired by the interface we designed for the in-app experience, the amazing DB elves have been busy designing, building, painting, decorating and doing all sorts of magical things to install a truly special, one-of-a-kind Heroes “house” in our reception area.


Step inside the house and you’ll find an iPad where you can test out the app and spread a little festive joy around the Studio.


But that’s just part of the story.

You may remember that in past years we’ve held a charity advent raffle. This year we’ve made a supersize version of the Cadbury Heroes advent calendar and we’ve been selling raffle tickets to everyone at DB. Each day a ticket is drawn and the winning ticket number rings throughout the halls (well, it’s announced over the tannoy) and the winner gets to open that day’s door and claim their prize.


The most sought-after prize? An extra day’s holiday (thank you, HR), although that’s still hidden behind a mystery door.


At the end of the month all of the raffle ticket money will be totted up and donated to the wonderful Help Refugees, an NGO that helps those displaced by war in Europe and beyond. You can find out more about their amazing charitable work at


So, what are you waiting for? Dig deep, have your own Cadbury Heroes Advent-ure, and spread some festive joy this season…


Taking your own Cadvent selfies? Don’t forget to use the #Cadvent hashtag if you share them on Instagram, we’d love to see them!


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