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I spy a yellow tram from the fifties

On a surprisingly sunny Friday afternoon at the very end of summer, our Amsterdam studio gathered downstairs to await instructions of our Away Day. And, of course, for the first round of beers!

Turned out, we were playing a game of ‘I spy’. And we we’re going to do so by… public transport! The thought of going by tram seemed to make some people a little nervous (we just love our bicycles at DB Amsterdam!) but little did we know what was coming…




As we waited for Tram 1, we were told not to get on the next one.

Wait, what? But there’s only one tram departing from here!

Five minutes later a yellow, a historic train from the 1950’s arrived! It was probably the only way to pack us all into one tram anyway, but the private, old museum tram made our trip definitely feel a lot more special!



We drove through the city centre for an hour, carefully looking around for the hidden clues. I spy “luck”? The horseshoe! “Dusty hoses”? Must be the old fire department! When we had a little break, we couldn’t resist a good old group photo in front of the beautiful vintage vehicle…



After the game and tram ride we arrived at the beautiful Meneer Nieges restaurant, where four long tables were perfectly set, and we ate our way through a meal of very tasty fresh fish, surprisingly good cauliflower, and a delicious crème brûlée.




After our dessert it was time for Claire to announce the winner of ‘I Spy’. Team 5 got to go home with a tempting bottle of gin and some delicious tonic to mix with it. At the end of the night we travelled home in style in an “Efteling” (Dutch Themepark) bus. All in all an amazing afternoon with a great team!


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