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Stories from Design Bridge Amsterdam: Take Pride in Us

We know our pride starts at home. In the spaces we create, the people we celebrate. And we still have a long way to go. Which is why our Amsterdam team is celebrating this year’s Pride with a bold arch of statements adorning the Studio entrance, each one a stake in the ground for one of our team members.

The last week in July marked Pride Week in Amsterdam, and the theme for 2020 is ‘Take Pride in Us’. With the aim of drawing awareness to the fact that in Dutch society – and many societies around the world – it is still not common to be different and our communities are still woefully exclusive, the theme also aims to celebrate all groups within the LGBTQI+ community, working towards mutual understanding and full acceptance of one another.

“This year, we are reminded that Pride is ultimately a protest. As the Black Lives Matter movement confronts police brutality perpetrated on minorities, we are also witnessing an increase in homophobia and transphobia, as many previously progressive countries lurch ever further towards the political Right.” says Senior Designer Benjamin Farrell.


Benjamin adds: “The idea that hard-won victories cannot be undone is simply untrue. Amsterdam wears its colours proudly, with the city currently bedecked in rainbow flags. It’s difficult to imagine a version of Amsterdam that doesn’t vocally support its LGBTQI+ community, but that doesn’t mean we can get comfortable or take our rights for granted. Whilst life for most LGBTQI+ people is better and safer here than in many other parts of the world, we must continue to play our role, defending rights for all.”

Although Amsterdam’s famous canal parade can’t take place this year, a march through the city to protest homophobia and transphobia will go ahead, and people from the Amsterdam Studio will take part in the protest with their posters.


Senior Designer Rebecca Clarke says: “The Black Lives Matter movement has shone more light on the violence and hatred towards the more marginalised members of the LGBTQI+ community too – particularly black trans and queer people whose lives are at risk daily and their voices silenced.”

Rebecca reflects on our Studio’s Pride arch: “This year’s protest arch is a fitting and bold display of allyship, as well as a powerful reminder that there is so much more to Pride than glitter and rainbows. There is still a lot of work to be done in the name of equality, as the powerful quote goes – no one is equal until all of us are equal.”


You can see all of the poster designs below:





Contributors: Margot Cologne, Benjamin Farrell, Jacques Mackay, Jade Lee, Mateja Drenik, Rebecca Clarke, Robbie Kerr, Claire Hammond, Larissa Leerssen & Michaela Koristova, with extra special thanks to Djanira John, Elaine Lambusch, Jakub Sochaki & Jesus Campos for their organisational support.


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