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Stories from Design Bridge: Laura’s journey from London to Amsterdam

“Life in Amsterdam is quite different to life in London.”

Have you ever thought about moving to a different country for work? With 5 Studios around the world, lots of people who join Design Bridge have the opportunity to work across different locations – some for a couple of months to help out during busy periods, others to take on a new longer-term challenge. Laura Saxby, a Client Director, is the most recent person to make the move from one Studio to another, taking her husband and 1 year old son Bailey along for the fun. Here’s Laura’s story…

“After 7 years working in creative agencies I joined Design Bridge in January 2014 as a Senior Client Manager, and I’ve worked with various brands including Cadbury, and a global innovation and emerging products client. Skip forwards a few years (and a promotion), and I was having a conversation about coming back to work after my maternity leave. One of the questions I was asked was whether I would ever consider working in one of the other Studios. My husband Ed is a freelance Animation Producer and we’d been talking about living abroad – Amsterdam being the place we were most excited about – so when a Client Director role in the Design Bridge Amsterdam Studio came up, we jumped at the chance!

One of the great things about working at Design Bridge is that that the values and culture is consistent no matter what Studio you are in. Personal development is really important, and a lot of care is taken into providing opportunities for people to develop within the business, which includes working in different Studios.

So in June this year, we packed up and moved out of our family home in Crystal Palace and into a smaller rented apartment in Amsterdam’s Apollobuurt neighbourhood. It’s been a really positive experience for us – moving from a busy and sometimes dangerous road in South London to a safe and quiet street, and switching my previous hour-long commute on a packed and sweaty tube to a pleasant 10 minute cycle. I’ve also noticed a difference in the air quality and Bailey, who seemed to cough a lot when we were in London, even seems healthier since we’ve been here.

We haven’t set a deadline for how long we will stay in Amsterdam. Now that we’re settled, Ed and I both want to focus on all the different opportunities and experiences that working here can offer us to further our careers, and to just enjoy our time together as a family exploring Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

We’ve found a great daycare for Bailey and we always wanted to raise him bilingual so it helps being here. I have even enrolled myself onto a Dutch course that starts in September, so although we’ll miss being close to family and friends, it’s really not that far away and it’s been a great move for us. We can’t wait to see what happens next on our adventure…”


Laura was originally interviewed for Het Parool about her move, and Laura’s story was published in the Dutch-language newspaper on 4 August 2019, as well as being featured online. We have adapted and added to it to share here on our blog.


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