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Stories from Design Bridge: Meet the (extended) DB family

We often describe ourselves as one big family at Design Bridge, and you can often tell a lot about someone by their family.

We’ve noticed that a few members of our “extended” family like to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in the DB Studios through our Facebook and Instagram, so we decided to find out a bit more about who they are, what they think about DB, and maybe even uncover a few hidden secrets about the people we work with every day…

Chris Tubbs

Hi Chris! You are Lisa Tubbs’ dad – what do you think Lisa does all day at Design Bridge?
Lisa spends her day doing a wide variety of photographs, paperwork and post processing on Apple Machines. I know she loves working at DB and the quality of workmanship is obvious throughout the website and blog.

What were you doing at work when you were the same age as Lisa?
I founded an IT consultancy business in 1977 called Trio, and when Lisa was born I was working in Crawley for a manufacturing company called Mallory Batteries, installing their very first computer – later named Duracell. By this time I had been in “Computers” (we didn’t say IT back then) since 1964…. a very long time ago.


Pops and Lisa - then and now

Pops and Lisa – then and now

What makes you click ‘like” on a Design Bridge Facebook post or Instagram photo?
I click on DB because your designs are not just stunning, but innovative, amazing and so very satisfying, for example, Fortnum & Mason and Booth’s Gin. And, of course, you like dogs. My dog is called Bonnie. She’s a Border terrier aged 10, who adores swimming and tennis balls.

Sounds like Bonnie would get along very well with Jarvis! So Chris, tell us something about Lisa that we don’t know…
Lisa used to wear dresses that she “handmade” out of lilos and latex when she went clubbing in Ibiza…

Welcome to the family, Chris!

We also asked Lisa to share a little bit more about what she actually does…
“I’m the Photography Manager so I’m involved in capturing our work so that it can be used for things like our case studies, PR activity and awards entries. I’m also the in-house photographer in London, so I’m often out and about taking people’s head shots, photographing our newly launched work in my basement studio, or snapping the DB dogs. There’s always something to shoot!”

Ann Templeman

Hi Ann! What does your daughter, Chloe, do all day when she’s at work at DB?
Chloe is a design director. I’m not quite what that means she does day to day, but I know she works hard making wonderful designs, especially for Fortnum & Mason. I’m so proud of all the awards she has won doing a job that she loves so much.

What were you doing when you were the same age as Chloe?
Well when I was Chloe’s age, myself & my husband had three beautiful children and I worked part time in the local school office. I was a full time mum & loved it. Very different to what Chloe does, but I always knew she would move away from Scotland and focus on what she loves.

What is it that makes you click ‘like” on a Design Bridge Instagram photo?
I love seeing all the work Design Bridge does, and finding out what you are all doing. Especially for me, living away from Chloe, I still feel connected to her when I get to see a peak into the Design Bridge world she lives in. I really like seeing when people make nice comments on the work you guys do.

Tell us something about Chloe that we don’t know…
When she was 9, Chloe performed on stage with Phillip Schofield in “Joseph & his Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat” for a few months after winning a singing contest. She just loved to sing and dance. Her and her sister, Christie, would do shows for us in the living room – they were a right double act!

We’re hoping Chloe will resurrect this routine and perform it at our Christmas party. Here’s a recent photo of the three of them together (not in technicoloured dreamcoats, sadly):

The Templeman Ladies

Oh, and if you wondered, Chloe describes her day job as follows:
“I run around a lot. I work across many different design projects with lots of lovely, talented people… but essentially my job is just to try to make things look beautiful.”

Here’s a lovely photo of Chloe and her mum – thanks for digging it out, Ann!

Extended Family - Chloe & Ann

Wee Chloe and Ann

Lorna Knott

Hello Lorna, mum of Cameron! Do you know what Cameron’s job is at Design Bridge?
Hopefully whatever Asa tells him to do, with a little bit of his own creativity thrown in. Or, according to his 9 year old brother, “Cameron designs bridges and big pictures and stuff…”

Extended Family - Lorna & Cameron

What do you think he does all day when he’s at work?
Goes to meetings, thinks up ideas, looks at his computer a lot. Re-jigs designs until they are perfect. Will have his ideas notebook close by him.

What were you doing when you were the same age as Cameron?
Working for a building firm, Willmott Dixon, as a secretary in Norwich and getting ready to marry his Dad – who worked offshore – in the summer. We had just moved into our first house and spent the weekends decorating and partying with friends.

What is it that makes you click ‘like” on a Design Bridge Facebook photo?
Good eye-catching designs and great artwork makes me what to see more. I like the playlists, particularly the cocktail one, and it just makes me feel a little bit closer to Cameron.

Tell us something about Cameron that we don’t know…
Has he shown you his dancing yet? He’s particularly good at the Texan Two-step.

Well it would seem that we have TWO performers lined up for this year’s Christmas party! Cameron, what do you actually do on a daily basis?
“I’m a junior graphic designer on the Diageo team. I mainly work on Smirnoff projects, but I do get the opportunity to move about the Studio quite a lot and work on other projects for all sorts of clients.”


Sally & John Barrett

Extended family - The Barretts

Hello Sally and John – what do you think Hayley, your daughter, does during an average day at Design Bridge?
Have a cup of tea, do a bit of drawing, drink some tea, read some emails, drink some more tea, have a chat with some colleagues, try some products (gin etc.), have a sandwich washed down with another cup of tea.

What about Jarvis – what’s his role at DB?
Jarvis would be alert at all times in the office, ready to welcome staff and, more importantly, new clients – show them round and do the introductions to relevant staff. Then, maybe 5:30-ish, have a well deserved little nap.

What were you doing when you were the same age as Hayley?
John – self-employed suspended ceiling installer
Sally – Receptionist/Telephonist with EMAP

Who do you think is better at their job – Hayley or Jarvis?
Well Jarvis, of course.

You often like our Instagram photos – what do you think of the Design Bridge Instagram feed?
It’s good because we, as Hayley’s parents, are interested in what Design Bridge are doing.

Tell us something about Hayley that we don’t know…
Hayley always had a desire to be Kate Bush, even to the point of throwing some black lace over her head and spinning around the house singing the latest Kate Bush record. Although she was only about 3 yrs old at the time…

Thank you, The Barretts! Hayley is actually a Design Director in our London Studio, and Jarvis is our original Studio Dog. Sally sent us some brilliant photos of Hayley as a child, and we couldn’t resist sharing them here (sorry, Hayley)…




A big thanks to Chris, Ann, Lorna, Sally and John – and to Lisa, Chloe, Cameron and Hayley for letting us share photos of them when they were young!

Find out more about the people who work at DB in our “Stories from Design Bridge” series, and check our Careers page for the latest opportunities to come and join our family. You never know, maybe your Mum will appear on our blog one day…


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