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This August, Design Bridge celebrates the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam Pride and the open spirit of the Netherlands. And for this special edition, our Amsterdam team invited us for a week-long series of conversations and celebrations with colleagues, clients, experts – and a DJ!

With this year’s theme “TAKE PRIDE in us” we’re celebrating the entire LGBTQIA+ community. Aiming for more mutual understanding and awareness. Because, unfortunately, too many people are still struggling worldwide, even in the Netherlands. By celebrating and continuing the conversation with each other, we hope to empower those who can’t be open about their orientation or identity.

Our Amsterdam Pride Week started with a series of Pride Talks, covering topics such as the role of diversity and inclusion in building brand purpose delivered by Alice Moore, Head of Purpose at Reckitt, and the future of inclusive branding, by Alfred Verhoeven, pink marketing expert. Simon Says was an honest chat by our Chief Strategy Officer, Simon Black about the importance of celebrating diversity in the workplace (and beyond) and the positive impact an inclusive approach can have on our creative thinking and work. We also touched upon discrimination in the workplace, and how creative agencies can benefit from being open to everyone’s unique views and ideas in a panel discussion with Ilonka Van Bennekom, Head of WPP Unite NL and Jai Kotecha, CEO of Ogilvy.


Of course, a little creative challenge was also added to the mix of events. Everyone received a Pride self-portrait kit with a mini canvas, acrylic paints, and a brush to create a colourful self-portrait of how we see ourselves. Every one of us is unique and by recognising and celebrating that in ourselves, we recognise it in others – and inspire them to do the same.

And, even though the iconic Amsterdam Pride canal parade couldn’t happen for the second year in a row, we were lucky enough to dance into the weekend with DJ the Queer of Pop, who really got us in the mood with his 80’s Gay Bar set. Finally, Quizzteama Aguilera ended our Pride Week with The Big Pride Quiz fundraiser which was a great success! The money raised will go to an LGBTQIA+ rights charity.

A big thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to making Pride Week Amsterdam such a success.

With a special thanks to our guests:
Alice Moore, Head of Brand Purpose at Reckitt
Alfred Verhoeven, Marketing Specialist at Marketing the Rainbow
Ilonka Van Bennekom, Head of WPP Unite NL
Jai Kotecha, CEO of Ogilvy
John Maas, aka DJ the Queer of Pop

Let’s all take pride in us and keep this conversation going!

You can see all the beautiful portrait designs below:

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 18.12.34

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