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Stories from Design Bridge: our favourite spots in London

We’ve already taken tours around our Studio areas in New York and Amsterdam, and this week it’s time to head to London to seek out some of our favourite places for food, drink, spending time with the team and, of course, finding a little creative inspiration. Here’s Valentina to share some of our secrets from our corner of London, Clerkenwell…

Good morning Valentina. Where are we getting our morning coffee?
I’m Italian so I usually have my morning coffee at home, but I do go out for my espresso after lunch and the best espresso in the area is definitely at Granger & Co. – it’s short and intense, just like they make it in Italy.

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I also like to go to On The Green, a little brick building in the St James Church garden across the road from our building that serves great coffee, or if I am up for a short walk then I go to the Italian deli Gazzano & Sons. Top tip: they have a discount on all coffees later on in the afternoon.

After a busy morning at work, where are we having lunch?
Our London Studio is perfectly situated between 2 great food markets and my favourite lunches are the lamb from the Moro stand on Exmouth Market, and the halloumi and chicken wrap that you’ll find at one of the very last stands on Leather Lane Market. Granger & Co is always a good choice for lunch, or if you are feeling a bit fancy and have a taste for Japanese then definitely the bento box at Sosharu. Also a special mention for the chilli bowl at our local, The Three Kings – that’s my favourite Friday lunch.

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I feel hungry just thinking about it. What about drinks after work?
Apart from The Three Kings on a Friday?! One of my recent finds is the little-known bar at Macellaio on Exmouth Market. They do a special offer on Aperol Spritz from 5-7pm and they serve delicious focaccia alongside your drink. My favourite pub at the moment is The Duke of Cambridge up the road in Islington, they serve amazing organic food.

Best place for creative inspiration in the area?
A visit to the magCulture shop is good for inspiration. They stock a variety of creative magazines, journals and books from all over the world on all sorts of subjects – from art and photography to food and drink, fashion to feminism. Everything in there is so beautifully designed and it’s easy to spend half an hour browsing the magazines.

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There are also lots of small parks and green spaces in the Clerkenwell area, which are great if you need a bit of fresh air to help clear your head and do some thinking away from your desk.

And finally, if you want to treat your team what do you get?
I travel abroad quite a lot (for work and pleasure) so I often bring something back for my team. Recently I brought back wine and cheese from Paris, and salami, cheese and caponata from Palermo. In the local area, everyone likes a breakfast pastry from Albion, or a glass of prosecco if we’re celebrating a birthday on the Client Servicing floor.

There’s always time to celebrate a birthday!

Valentina Baraldi is a Senior Client Manager at Design Bridge London, but started her DB life in our Amsterdam Studio.

Like the sound of our Clerkenwell home? Check our Careers page for opportunities to join Valentina and the team in London.


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