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Stories from Design Bridge: Rebecca’s Singapore Top 10

Say hello to Rebecca Clarke. Rebecca joined our London Studio over 3 years ago as a Designer and has worked on all sorts of exciting projects over the years including some lovely Special Editions for Smirnoff, like our award-winning Peppermint Twist Limited Edition:

Smirnoff Peppermint on white

Working abroad to experience different cultures and ways of working has always been an ambition for Rebecca and was one of the attractions when joining DB. So when an opportunity arose to spend time working in one of our other studios Rebecca jumped at the chance. After an inspiring chat with Emma (our Deputy Chief Creative Officer) and a good read through the stories of other DB travellers, she set off to spend 7 months in our Singapore Studio…

During her time there, Rebecca worked on projects for a huge variety of different clients and markets, travelled all around Asia, and made lots of new friends. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, Rebecca has put together her Top 10 highlights from her time in Singapore, here they come…

My Singapore Top 10

1. Singapore is a real visual mish mash, which makes it really unique. There are places like Gardens by the Bay, where the trees feel like they are straight out of the Avatar movie, then in total contrast you have the colourful historical shophouses around Tanjong Pagar and Kampong Glam (where our Studio is), which make you feel like you’re in a totally different time period. I love how they’re totally opposite, yet somehow work together.


2. On that same train of thought, Singapore is also a big melting pot of different cultures – Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian to name just a few. There’s so much delicious food to try, and lots of public holidays and festivals to experience.

3. Travelling. Singapore is located in the perfect spot for exploring South East Asia and I managed to pack in 9 different places on an ever-expanding wish list. Don’t forget, Bali is only a quick 2 hour flight for a cheeky weekend away…


4. Wednesday night is Ladies Night and girls drink for free! And it’s not in a sleazy bar drinking watered-down Mojitos either, it’s all swanky Grey Goose cocktails at a poolside bar with a Marina Bay Sands view. However, when the night escalates the classiness goes out the window as you’ll probably end up in Karaoke (KTV) or Heroes – everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure!


5. The next day (or ideally at the end of the night – you can thank Sam Foster for this tip!) drink a 100PLUS. It’s the perfect pick-me-up isotonic drink that I got slightly addicted to!

6. Spending your Sundays at the FREE beach clubs on Singapore’s Sentosa Island makes you forget that you’ve got work the next day. There’s definitely no ‘Smonday’ feelings of doom there!


7. Expat spontaneity! Say goodbye to “I’m free in 6 months if that’s any good?”, everyone seems to be so refreshingly free in Singapore, which means you make friends really fast. I went on a weekend trip to Penang in Malaysia with 3 lovely girls I’d only met a few weeks before, and that would just never happen in the UK. Also, with just 1 week’s notice, the whole Studio was invited to the launch party of Winking Seal Beer Brewery. I assumed it was just around the corner until someone started talking about booking flights to Vietnam! I loved how laid back and spontaneous everyone was about taking short holidays and travelling.


8. Let’s not forget the local dialect, Singlish. The national language of Singapore is English but everyone has their own local lingo, which I never really got the hang of (but it was fun to attempt, lah!). Prepare to call your elders “Uncle” and “Aunty” out of respect, and wave goodbye to your naturally waffley Britishness if you want anyone to understand you. All you need to say is a simple “Can”!

9. Chinese New Year. I was lucky enough to be in Singapore during this holiday, which locals look forward to even more than Christmas. We had traditional Lion Dancers visit the DB Studio who danced their way through every room in the building (including the tiny server room) to bring good luck and fortune. This kicked off the celebrations before our Kung Fu themed costume and karaoke party, which was a lot of fun (more on that here). We tried to sneak our lovely inflatable Kung Fu Panda into a club at the top of Marina Bay Sands, but unfortunately he had to stay in the cloakroom.


10. Last, but definitely not least, is all the wonderful people of Design Bridge Singapore! They love a party (and a holiday) and are a truly awesome group of people. I felt so welcomed and became part of the family really quickly, and I’m definitely missing our Friday night balcony sessions and spontaneous Sunday brunches! This snap is of us all sunning it up on a tiny island called Rawa in Mayalsia in our very own ‘The Sandpit Bar’!


So thank you so much, you lovely lot, for making my Singapore experience an amazing adventure!

If anyone else is thinking about going to work at DB Singapore my advice is to book your flight now, you’ll have the best time!

Fancy joining the team? Check our Careers page for the latest opportunities across all of our Studios. You never know, perhaps you’ll get to try out some of Rebecca’s Top 10 yourself…


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