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Amidst all of the change and uncertainty around the world, creativity does not stop and, now more than ever, it’s important to share moments of positivity and good cheer. So here’s a little something that has been bringing a little light – and practical advice – to our Amsterdam Studio this week (which, incidentally, celebrates its 25th anniversary today)….


(Or ‘Wash Your F*&#ing Hands’)

A poem by Kim McClure, Brand Language Creative at Design Bridge Amsterdam
*actually COVID-19, but no one calls it that, really.

‘Twas the hour of Corona and all through the lands
The message was clear: wash your f*&#ing hands.
As every bar, school and flight
Was closed for the day and closed for the night.

As political heavyweights made questionable plans
The fact remained: wash your f *&#ing hands.

As healthy youngsters with too much time and cash
Bought up masks and TP in a flash.
And trains and trams emptied out,
Virologists and alarmists quickly gained clout.

The world remained unsure and at home
(and I got so bored I wrote this poem),
We learned what it’s like when everything closes
And how best to side-eye those with snotty noses.

What we forgot are our most basic needs
(Not oat milk, frozen berries or indeed, chia seeds)
But community, support, health and employment,
The true sources of our most basic enjoyment.

So keep a safe distance or work from your house
And encourage the same from your friends or spouse.
But remember those who can’t always choose,
Who can’t not go to work, who aren’t in your shoes.

The doctors and workers who can’t just “cancel plans”
And for them, for everyone, wash your f*&#ing hands.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash.


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