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We are Proud to Pride

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, last weekend our New York team marched proudly alongside Smirnoff (our client and long-term supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community) at the NYC Pride Parade…


…and this weekend Pride comes to London.

To celebrate our inclusive culture, whilst remembering that many people within the LGBTQIA+ community continue to face challenges, some of the team got together to set the London Studio a brief: share what PRIDE means to you.

We are incredibly proud to work alongside such passionate, inclusive people whose voices and messages will help to inspire positive change for the future. Here are some of their responses…


“Pride for me is everyone coming together to celebrate the diverse community that makes our society so great. Let’s rip up the past stereotypes and historical anti-LGBT rhetoric and focus on a brighter future. Kings, Queens and everyone in-between, we are all-in.”



“Celebrating 50 years of strength in everyone’s right to love.”



“Pride is about having a voice, being heard and effecting positive change. Together we can achieve anything!”



“Wearing your heart on your sleeve.”



“50 years of love… enough said. Here’s to many more.”



“Happy Pride!”



“For me PRIDE means a chance for people to see things from a different perspective and an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of visions and voices in the world.”



“For me Pride is about a change in perception. years ago when i was at high school I remember throwing around words like ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ as a way to shame and hurt others. Today they are seen as words of love and acceptance!”



“Coming out, in bloom. Let your true love blossom.”



“A journey towards equality and freedom.”



“Having the confidence to be your true self and live the life the way you want. be proud of you!”


We’ll share more of our global Pride celebrations and support soon, but until then we’d like to wish everyone a very happy Pride.


Special thanks to Sam E, Anthony, Jack, Henry & Seb for their Pride support.


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