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Welcome to Design Bridge London: meet our 2018 Grads

September brings with it many things. The end of summer (au revoir short sleeves and al fresco drinking), there’s a chill in the air (hello knitwear and cosy pubs with real fires), and a new batch of graduates join our London team. This year we’ve welcomed 2 junior designers to the Studio, both of whom came via our Bursary scheme, plus 2 new starters on our Client Servicing & Strategy Graduate Scheme.

Just a couple of weeks in to their new jobs, we set the 4 of them a little task to introduce themselves here on our blog so that we can get to know them a little better, tell us about something daring they’ve done since starting their new roles, and share a fact about themselves that no-one at DB knows about them yet…


Ellie Hammond Hunt

Hello! I am originally from St Albans (just north of London) and even though I’ve joined the Client Servicing team, I actually come from quite a science-y background. I studied Biology at Oxford and for the last year I’ve been working as a Research Assistant at Kew Gardens.

The last few weeks have been great, especially as I’ve discovered how much everyone here loves food; it’s like a wonderful fountain of knowledge for lunch recommendations!

The most daring thing I’ve accomplished since I started is probably the Friday Mingle presentation. All 4 of us had to give a 5 minute presentation about ourselves in front of half the London team and it was definitely a bit scary.

Something no one at Design Bridge knows about me is that I’m a bit of a stationery hoarder. I’ve got drawers and drawers of pens and pencils at home that I just can’t throw away.


Ella Smith

I’m a Junior Designer (through the Bursary Scheme) and recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts where I studied Graphic Design.

One thing I have learnt during my first few weeks is that you will never be short of choices at lunch! With two street food markets within a 10 minute walk of the Studio, and far more chain and independent eateries in the area, you could never get bored. Yum Bowl on Leather Lane market is my personal favourite so far, although I’m not sure my bank account agrees with me there!

It’s tradition here at Design Bridge that all new juniors are ‘dared’ to give a little presentation about themselves at a weekly gathering called ‘Friday Mingle’. I don’t consider myself a great public speaker but, with the help of some embarrassing photos and a couple of memes, I tried my best to tell my colleagues a little something about me. But what they didn’t learn is that I was trained in ballet for 15 years – I even broke my leg whilst doing a pirouette. I’m also an avid Strictly Come Dancing fan and have become quite talented at predicting the outcome!


Nathalie Bland

Just like Ella, I am a Graphic Design graduate from Norwich University of the Arts and I also found our Friday Mingle presentation a little bit scary. Public speaking normally doesn’t go too well for me, but I’m happy to report that I survived!

Since starting work here I have learnt that, whilst everything feels like it’s going at a crazy fast pace, everyone is lovely and has time to show you what they’re working on and to help you out. To be honest, it doesn’t really feel like work at all! I feel super lucky and grateful to be at Design Bridge, and I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come.

My special skill is that I can train a cat to do tricks – nothing too crazy but enough to very slightly impress people.

Sebastian Darke

I’ve joined the Design Bridge Client Servicing team on the Graduate Scheme. I actually graduated from UCL last year where I studied Art History and I’ve spent the past year working at a lifestyle public relations firm and a branding and creative comms agency. Coming to DB has been a bit of a change for me, mostly because of the scale – there really is a lot of work going on all at once here! I’m in awe of how everything comes together so efficiently in such a busy business, and I’m looking forward to becoming a valuable part of that process.

I guess the most daring thing I’ve done since I started here is asking lots and lots of questions, even if it might feel a bit awkward at times. I want to understand as much about the business as I can, and I’m hoping this will combine my learning with introducing new ways of thinking about the work we do for our clients.

One thing that no-one here knows about me? When I was younger I desperately wanted to design album artwork for pop records and I even started a blog reviewing packaging of the latest releases. It was back in the days of blogspot and was very very amateur, but I still have the CDs at home!

Welcome to the team!

To help our new recruits settle in, Courtney (you may remember Courtney as one of last year’s graduates) put together a brilliant welcome pack with everything they need to know – from what we’re all about to where to find stationery, social events to get involved in, and even a very handy map of our slightly complicated staircase system. Jarvis even made it onto a stamp!




Lovely work Courtney, and incredibly useful too.

You can keep up to date with the latest opportunities to join the team – in London and in our other Studios around the world – on our Careers page.


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