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Tanqueray No. TEN

Tiny batch.
Huge influence.

Let’s talk about its credentials for a moment. The only gin to grace (and grace is very much the word) the world spirits hall of fame. One of only a handful of truly small batch gins (from the infamous ‘Tiny Ten’). One of an even more elite group that uses whole fruit rather than peel. Say hello to the younger brother of the original Tanqueray.

The previous bottle was dark and heavy. It failed to capture the light, zesty quality of number 10. We threw off the dark glasses and let the gin shine. The design directly references a 1930’s cocktail shaker (number 10 is the cocktail makers choice). An encapsulation of this golden age – a time when indulgence and possibility, were being enjoyed in equal measure.

As ever the devil is in the detail. A painstaking approach to the glass modelling (and colouring) was taken to ensure the light shone through the bottle, catching each of the ten carefully crafted facets. A lemon squeezer reaches up into the bottle celebrating the bartender’s craft as much as putting citrus at the heart of the product. The grater texture on the cap offers the perfect tactile finale. However, what is overwhelmingly exciting about this piece of design is the pure emotion you feel when you see and interact with the bottle – the whole is (even) better than the sum of its parts.

The bottle design is fast becoming as iconic as the drink itself, having won a number of awards in the few short months since its reincarnation.