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Tiger Nuts logo on green v2
Tiger face
Tiger Nuts

May contain traces of Tiger.

We are big believers in the craft of packaging and there is no better example for us than Walker’s Tiger Nuts. Nuts have changed. They are coated, flavoured and with flavours like Masala Curry and Sweet Chilli, dare we say it, exotic. In response to this growing category, PepsiCo, under their iconic British crisp brand, Walkers, launched a crispy-coated nut – the Tiger Nut.

With under a second to grab a consumer’s attention our job was to design a pack that jumped, or in this case pounced off the shelves. Spending the time to draw it again and again to get it just right whilst holding onto the joyful simplicity of the original idea was, we think, what made this design so beautifully effective. It’s about the craft of it all. Taking cues from the nuts distinctive tiger-patterned coating, we designed something that corners people – it’s the kind of visual trick that once seen, can never be unseen.

Such a simple, bold idea was devilishly difficult to make work, but that hard work has certainly caught people’s attention, already bagging a couple of Pentawards.

Tiger Nuts Pentwards Book 1