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Always on the move

The world of logistics is constantly moving, and it was time for the TNT brand to move forwards. This project was not about reinvention. Our challenge was to develop the brand to become one that people could trust and believe in.

What really struck us was TNT’s dedication to forming long-term, personal relationships with their customers, and the strength of their network. Our discovery reinforced the message that TNT is a truly global network of people.

We wanted to communicate this powerful position through the branding, so we introduced “The People Network” as a new tagline, and as our starting point. But this statement is much more than just a tagline – it’s a fundamental strand of TNT’s DNA, and we used it as a basis for all of our thinking, including design.

Building on TNT’s recognisable brand equities, we set about re-crafting the logo to reflect the brand’s renewed sense of self. The new logo has been simplified, modernised and humanised. It’s bold and confident, reflecting the brand’s strengths. It embraces the new tagline by literally showing the connection between TNT and people. After all, people make TNT.

To strengthen the story further, we introduced a new brand equity in the circle, placing ‘People’ directly inside it. A circle is never-ending, constantly in motion, and 100% connected – just like TNT. A circle makes sense.

Putting together the visual identity system, we were mindful that we had to make the new branding work on all sorts of things – from packing boxes to airplanes and lorries, via uniforms and corporate stationery – and our final task was to apply it to all of TNT’s touchpoints. In fact, we still have some of those scale model paper lorries in the Studio. They were a lot of fun to make.

Fun aside, we believe that the strength of this identity lies in its simplicity. It links and identifies each touchpoint as an important component in a global brand that can confidently say that it is The People Network.