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Creating worlds beyond gameplay where players and fans become community. A brand that reflects EFG’s revolutionary role in offering a leading digital platform to play, belong and connect.

Bringing together ESL Gaming, FACEIT and DreamHack — brands fundamental to the global growth of esports and gaming - to form the world's largest competitive games and esports company. With a new brand that’s designed to connect its entire gaming ecosystem and celebrate its diverse and rapidly growing audience, bringing together players and fans from across the globe to make friends, have fun and find fortune.


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In 2022 ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the world’s largest competitive games and esports company, was formed. Bringing together ESL Gaming, FACEIT and DreamHack—brands fundamental to the global growth of esports and gaming—their mission: create worlds beyond gameplay where players and fans become community.

Built on the legacy of ESL Gaming, the world’s leading organiser of esports events and tournaments; FACEIT, the leading digital destination for competitive gamers, and DreamHack, the organiser of immersive gaming festivals, the new company offers a unified proposition for players, fans, teams, publishers, developers, and partners, no matter where they are on their competitive gaming journey. Elevating EFG’s central role in the esports and gaming industry, which has recently transformed to become the world’s most accessible form of entertainment.

The visual identity is inspired by the concept of uniting gamers and fans, using visual cues native to gamers – gaming maps and a diverse range of player icons that indicate their individual positions in a game. The identity aims to make EFG’s fans feel included and united, and inspire new audiences to join in. Designing a unifying visual language for the community, represented through the diversity and individuality of each gaming ecosystem.

Through our creative partnership, Superunion has created a brand that is truly for gamers, by gamers and celebrates ESL FACEIT Group as the destination for the gaming lifestyle experience.

Rodrigo Samwell


At the heart of EFG is the excitement and connection that every gamer feels when they play, stream and watch. We created a brand where gamers could feel at home, using a visual ecosystem that the community would instantly recognise and feel their own.

Marta Swannie, Piers Komlosy

Creative Partner, Design Director, London