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Fortnum & Mason

Stepping into Fortnum & Mason is an experience like no other. 300 years of history with an unwavering dedication to quality. And a brand that imbues every item with a sense of discovery, wonder and whimsy.

The best department stores don’t just offer a place to shop – they offer an experience. A sense of destination woven into the brand itself. We designed a brand for Fortnum & Mason as a store that’s brimming with magic. One that plays on the traditional Chinese concept of the ‘master of the mansion’, and a cultural stage from which the audience is invited to discover the essence of Chinese hospitality traditions in a contemporary way. So that no matter what a customer buys, they all leave with a piece of magic.


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Stepping into Fortnum’s is an experience like no other. The palatial architecture, and swirling staircases. The 300 years of history, and unwavering dedication to quality.

Emma Follett

Global Chief Creative Officer

Visitors can’t help but be enchanted. And can’t help wanting to take that special Fortnum’s feeling home with them. Fortunately, they could.

A Fortnum’s hamper is coveted the world over as a symbol of curated artisanal excellence. It encapsulates the Fortnum’s experience in one beautiful, delightfully surprising package.

So that was the goal: imbue every item with that same  sense of discovery, wonder, and whimsy. And to make sure that, no matter what a customer buys, they all leave with the same magic.