Claire Huxley talks Netflix on the BBC

Date 2024-01-24

Claire Huxley, Strategy Director, London, talks to the BBC World Business Report following Netflix’s robust Q4 performance, reporting 13.1 million new subscribers.

Claire explores how the streaming giant’s performance will in part be due to the crackdown on password sharing, and previously lapsed subscribers being drawn back to the platform because of the new, cheaper, ad-funded basic plan. But in fact, a proportion of subscribers will be compelled by Netflix’s reputation for producing engaging content. Claire says, “Those are the subscribers we’re interested in from a more long-term brand building point of view for Netflix.”

The streaming giant’s recent move into live sport and wrestling is indicative of how Netflix is always trying to innovate, from being the first streamer in the market to creating interactive content, such as Bandersnatch, to its introduction into gaming, live streaming is Netflix’s most recent example of how it is always looking to stay relevant.

In a highly competitive market, Claire explains that in an effort to remain relevant, streaming platforms are only as good as their next piece of content, and there’s a real need to attract audiences loyal to the streaming brand — whether that’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max — versus just the latest big name show.

Claire concludes, if Netflix can position itself above any one piece of content, be known for its innovation and its bet on content that other streaming platforms wouldn’t, then it could set itself up for long-term brand success.

Watch the original interview on BBC iPlayer (7:07 onwards).