Fundación Tomillo unveils a new visual identity

Date 2023-12-05

The non-profit organisation Fundación Tomillo, dedicated to empowering young individuals in vulnerable situations by offering educational and employment prospects through an innovative socio-educational model focused on skill development, guidance, and comprehensive support, has refreshed its visual identity through a pro bono initiative.

Established in 1984, a committed team of 200, including educators and professionals, alongside 350 volunteers, has crafted support programmes to foster the growth and employability for vulnerable youth. While the core mission remains consistent, recent years have seen the integration of digitisation, modelling, and ongoing programme evaluation to enhance efficiency and amplify social impact.

In an effort to more accurately convey its positioning, Fundación Tomillo opted to undertake a project to revitalise its visual identity, emphasising the young individuals it supports through imagery. The objective was to portray an evolution that resonates with society while retaining a connection to its history, spirit, and values.

“At Fundación Tomillo, we have been accompanying each young person for 40 years to help them become their best selves. We witness their growth and see how their full potential blossoms. With this image change, we aim to reinforce the concept of the growth they experience. The talent of Design Bridge and Partners has resulted in this new visual identity that projects the future of Tomillo’s youth.”

— Carmen García de Andrés, President of Fundación Tomillo

Our Madrid Studio explored various creative paths to effectively capture the essence of Fundación Tomillo, facilitating young individuals’ access to education and employment while mirroring the evolution of its societal role. Through the updated visual identity, the organisation seeks to engage its primary stakeholder groups: the young individuals it assists along with their families, and the corporate environments that endorse its socio-educational initiatives. Graphic resources have been crafted to fulfil the brand’s requirements in both physical and digital formats.

“We are proud to have created a visual identity that meets the needs of Fundación Tomillo in its digital transformation and evolution, while keeping the legacy and spirit of its founders alive.”

— Francesc Moretó, Creative Director of Design Bridge and Partners