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Hottest Design Agency in the UK

Date 2019-11-04

The peer-judged UK Studio Rankings aren't about size, longevity or the number of other awards you've won; it's purely about the work you've done in the last 12 months. Being selected by our peers in this way is a huge honour - thanks to everyone who nominated us and congratulations to all agencies on the list.

To celebrate, we created this month’s Computer Arts cover…


We started the process by opening up the brief to the whole creative studio; we had a couple of brainstorms, sketched out a bunch of ideas then settled on the one we thought was the strongest – a simple idea that could provide really arresting visuals. Then we had to figure out how to do it!

The ‘bright sparks’ of the creative industry flickering in an effigy of the number 30 was beautiful in its conceptual directness, but challenging to realise. Senior Designer Jonathan Brodie brought onboard Joe Yabsley and Mark Ward from Aslum SFX to turn the ‘simple idea’ into a fully-fledged model that could be set alight. They drilled holes and glued in the matches – about three hours per board. We did three copies so we had back-ups, then got photographer John Adrian involved. Shooting at John’s studio in his back garden, we had plenty of fans and fire extinguishers at the ready! Then it was fingers crossed…


"This is really special for us all for two reasons… first, because we just didn’t expect anything like this so soon as a ‘new’ agency. It’s been less than two years since we launched and to be honest it’s the first year where our work reflects Superunion. Second, it’s amazing to think what we’re doing appears to be clicking and that our peers appear to like the new work. It’s been a roller coaster in the pitch black, so any recognition is a ray of light in the tunnel! Thanks peers!"

– Greg Quinton, Global Chief Creative Officer, Superunion

UK Studio Rankings 2019.