Shining a light on Diwali by celebrating India’s national triumph

Date 2023-11-13

This Diwali, Design Bridge and Partners have veered away from the traditional use of rangolis and lanterns to embrace a more timely message of celebration – connecting a moment of great national significance to the biggest national celebration.

This year India made history and brought light to the dark side of the moon with the Chandrayaan-3 mission, successfully landing the Vikram lunar lander near the south-pole of the moon, withstanding impossible dark and cold conditions, to gather invaluable scientific insight.

Diwali is an occasion of celebrating the triumph of light over dark, so Design Bridge and Partners sent a timely gift to our clients in India, recognising the last glow of national pride the mission brought in 2023, with a commemorative poster and box of chocolates.

In the light of day, a proud message is imprinted on the moon’s surface for all to see. But as the light fades into the night of Diwali celebrations, the rover tracks glow from out of the dark, inviting people to spare a thought for Vikram and Pragyan, in their ever lasting night. And as the new moon rises (and the last chocolate wheel is devoured), remembering the lasting impression left on its surface and on space exploration history.

Each poster was created using silk screen printing to apply the glow in the dark ink. The width of which matches the width of Pragyan’s wheel. His wheel was also specially molded in silicone to make detailed replica chocolates to enjoy after dark.

This initiative shows Design Bridge and Partners’ desire to connect through culture, ensuring we go beyond the expected, to continue to build respectful and insightful relationships with our Indian partners.