Unleash the Love: Fortnum & Mason’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Range celebrates the beauty in all forms of love

Date 2024-02-14

Design Bridge and Partners has partnered with Fortnum & Mason to launch its 2024 inclusive Valentine’s Range, Unleash the Love.

The collection’s visual identity employs a narrative that goes beyond traditional notions of Valentine's Day gift-giving. Its beautiful joy-giving design features storytelling that celebrates the many different forms of love, encouraging consumers to show their love to all of their nearest and dearest this Valentine’s Day.

The packaging design draws inspiration from the eight different forms of love from Greek Philosophy; deep love, friendship, sexual, people and planet, self-love, playful, longstanding and lust. To represent these different forms of love, Design Bridge and Partners created a canvas decorated with a sea of graffiti hearts and scattered symbols of love within them. This artwork encourages consumers to commit time to discovering the joy in the many different loves in their lives.

The mark-making style inspires a human and authentic element in the design that fosters the emotions present throughout our most important relationships. Rather than following the market trend of creating light-hearted messaging around Valentine’s Day, Fortnum & Mason created a range that gets to the heart of the true meaning of love.

The range encapsulates Fortnum’s unwavering commitment to creating special moments for all. Design Bridge and Partners ‘brought to life the brands’ unique aesthetic into the design, building on a 10+ year relationship.

The Limited Edition Valentine’s Range features products from Chocolate Selection Boxes to Hampers, which is now available at Fortnum & Mason.

“It was an incredible opportunity to design the Valentine’s Range with Fortnum & Mason, and to see our full design expression showcased across all touchpoints in store. With our competitors heading down the light-hearted route, we own a more meaningful approach with a more inclusive narrative of love today. The outcome feels like a truly iconic illustrative piece of art - bold and unexpected, and we’re really proud of it.”

— Hayley Barrett, Creative Director at Design Bridge and Partners

“Design Bridge and Partners has responded beautifully to our brief to re-evaluate the meaning of Valentine’s Day, breaking from the traditional conceit to respond to the different forms of love. The design is meaningful and inclusive and the graffiti style joyful and unexpected. We are delighted with the result.”

— Yvonne Isherwood, Head of Product & Packaging Design at Fortnum & Mason