A new period of innovation 

How much faith would you have in a product that hasn’t changed for 80 years? Even worse: how would you feel if that product didn’t do what you actually needed?

Overpriced. Badly designed. Made of low quality materials. Period products were failing to meet the basic needs of people who bleed.

From confusing packaging to zero innovation, period products were stuck in the past. No one was challenging the status quo – until Callaly came along.






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Enter Callaly – period products invented by an actual gynaecologist and a seamstress who thought about and understood women's bodies. A brand driven by one simple mantra: “never settle”.
  • Chloe Templeman

They talked to thousands of women about their frustrations with period products. Then put it to action, with the consumer at the heart of their plan.

The result? The Tampliner: a hybrid tampon and liner that fits the user’s flow. 95% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and mess free. An all-round better experience – from navigation to materials. And a range of products perfectly tailored to your needs.

Products that actually suit people's bodies and lifestyles – revolutionary, hey?

Callaly is a personalised service that has changed the way that we shop period products forever. We all know that our flow is not the same throughout your period, so why settle for a product that only suits us on one particular day.

Delivered D2C, Callaly genuinely is revolutionising the space – reducing waste, and providing a one stop shop, challenging the rest of the industry to step up and innovate.

Hero product?Nailed. But more importantly, was how to stand the brand apart from the “shelf of shame”. So no medical, functional packaging, designed to be hidden away. Instead, a beautiful, proud, human brand identity.

Soft edges and smooth lines celebrate the female form. Smart packaging mimics the way the Callaly products work, with an easy tear-strip and theatrical opening.

Intuition sits at the heart of every detail, like the way that darker and lighter coloured pads help users work out which product is right for which day or flow.

And it’s not just users who are impressed. Callaly’s winning awards across the board – including 3D packaging at the 2020 Design Week Awards. Helping to power the brand beyond D2C, into bricks and mortar stores.


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