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Cielo Sommerso

Celebrating ancient tradition through contrast

Celebrating ancient tradition through contrast


  • Tenuta San Marcello


  • Consumer


  • Naming

  • Brand Identity

  • Packaging Design

Cielo Sommerso is a unique bio-dynamic white wine. The makers have faithfully followed an ancient technique of ageing the wine in clay pots, buried underground for a period of eight months, resulting in incredibly rich and vibrant flavours.

We took inspiration from this unique ancient method to create a name, label and clay wrap.

Cielo Sommerso, or Submerged Sky, is a metaphor for the sun-soaked grapes concealed underground. To further express the idea, a local artist hand-painted a cloud scape in rich and vibrant colours which was then used for the label.

Image credit: Giuseppe Mondi

We developed a unique mixture of Marche soil from the vineyard and glue to create a golden clay, which when dried after dripping, forms a seal that enfolds the bottle form, bringing a unique ageing method to life in a tactile and visual way, to intrigue and delight the senses. Celebrating the deeper bond that Cielo Sommerso has with its land, by carrying a piece of it with every bottle.