Crif Dogs

New York is dead, long live New York

It almost happened. At least it felt like it did. The greatest city in the world ground to a halt. The avenues were empty, the restaurants, theatres and museums were locked. The city that never sleeps, slept.  

Except that isn’t how we do things in NYC. New York doesn’t die, it evolves. More than ever, in 2020 we looked to our neighbors, our communities and our institutions for hope. People needed brands that wore NYC in their hearts, not just on their T-shirts.  


Crif Dogs


New York


Brand & Creative Strategy, Brand Identity, Custom Typography, Motion Design
New York is a city of now. This moment. It’s irreverent, energetic, iconoclastic, with a phoenix-like knack for re-invention.
  • Cristina Tazza

It’s true of the city, and it’s the truth of Crif Dogs. A beloved neighborhood hot dog spot by day, gateway to legendary speakeasy PDT by night. A menu as varied as the clientele— and just as transient. Get ‘em while they’re hot because the next big flavor is already on the way.

But this was a side they didn’t celebrate. While their business had grown up, their brand hadn’t; it was still stuck in old bro-tropes and tired gags. It was time to show their evolutionary spirit. And do it NYC style. 

Crif’s new visual identity is a mixture of evocative street photography— iconic faces and places— doodled in ketchup red and mustard yellow to capture the brand’s irreverent nature. And a unique voice with plenty to say.
  • Claire Parker

It’s an identity that is designed to change, surprise and invent. To subvert the obvious by juxtaposing the unexpected. A brand that reflects New York City as it truly is - in a constant, playful state of flux.

Because New York doesn’t die. And whatever defines your era of NYC - from punk to pride to the pandemic - it will always be Frankly the best.

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