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The best department stores don’t just offer a place to shop—they offer an experience. A sense of destination woven into the brand itself. 
When done well, people want to take a piece of that experience home with them. But department stores often fail to capture this magic in their merchandise.  
Visitors are usually left to choose between a chintzy checkout stand souvenir, or the bells-and-whistles of store-branded luxury products. 
That’s the problem Fortnum & Mason faced: a store absolutely brimming with magic, but struggling to bring it into every single moment.


Fortnum & Mason




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Stepping into Fortnum’s is an experience like no other. The palatial architecture, and swirling staircases. The 300 years of history, and unwavering dedication to quality.  
  • Chloe Templeman

Visitors can’t help but be enchanted. And can’t help wanting to take that special Fortnum’s feeling home with them. Fortunately, they could.

A Fortnum’s hamper is coveted the world over as a symbol of curated artisanal excellence. It encapsulates the Fortnum’s experience in one beautiful, delightfully surprising package.

So that was the goal: imbue every item with that same  sense of discovery, wonder, and whimsy. And to make sure that, no matter what a customer buys, they all leave with the same magic. 

How do you do that? Start by knowing where and when to leverage Fortnum’s most powerful brand asset—the Eau De Nil color from its iconic storefront. Weave it into the packaging strategically, with plenty of variation to prevent it from feeling static.  

Then, bring the wit and whimsy so intrinsic to the brand into every detail. Embody the personality of Fortnum’s in layers of exquisite illustration and perfectly crafted typography, down to a surprising message at the bottom of the tin that tells you it’s time to buy more. 

In the end, it’s about creating an experience. Packaging that’s a keepsake in itself, and too special to toss. With every purchase shoppers receive something to remember from a store, and a brand, like no other—even if they're a continent away from Piccadilly.  


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