Discover. Experience. Play

In a city known for its shopping malls, how do you stand out? And in a world of online shopping, how do you draw people back in through your doors?


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That was the challenge facing Singapore’s Funan Digitalife Mall. Once, Funan was iconic. Now, it was starting to feel inessential. Even worse, it felt like every other mall out there. 

So to get people back into Funan, the brand needed to focus on what customers really wanted. No more glitzy, identikit foreign brands.

Instead, Funan needed to return to what it was all about: new experiences, and fresh discoveries. Back in the 80s, Funan was known as the place to go in Singapore for the hottest tech products

And so now, it needed to reinvent itself as a space for customers to discover, experience, and play.

At its heart, the new Funan is about intersections. Different people, experiences, passions. Meeting in a place like no other.

Tom Gilbert

Executive Creative Director, Asia.

So in came the country’s first urban farm. Followed by an eclectic, eye-catching mix of local brands. All connected by indoor bike lanes – making Funan the only building in Singapore where you can cycle inside.

And brought to life vividly in an infinitely modular visual identity. Each customer interest was assigned a different colour and pattern (think cool blue for fitness, hot red for fashion.) Mash them together, and you get a playful, dynamic, irrepressible identity. Just like Funan itself.