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Branding Singapore’s creative intersection

At the centre of a geographic and cultural intersection in Singapore, you’ll find a new building taking shape – Funan. With a diverse range of uses for people to live, work and play, our brief was to create a visual identity to capture the spirit of the ever-evolving space and help visitors navigate the wide range of possibilities that Funan has in store…

Encompassing co-living, co-working and retail outlets, a theatre, cinema and fitness facilities (and that’s without even mentioning the opportunities for local designer-makers to showcase, teach and sell their crafts), Funan will be much more than just a building. It’s a truly unique aspirational and experiential lifestyle brand.

The range of experiences, activities and collaborative opportunities that will be available at Funan have been divided into 6 ‘passion themes’ – Fit, Play, Craft, Taste, Chic and Tech – and these informed our initial inspiration.

We started thinking about these words, their meanings and what they might look like, eventually settling on a bespoke visual language to represent each. The grey and silver pattern of ‘Tech’, for example, is made up of strands that could be DNA or code, whilst the pattern for ‘Fit’ references the pulse of a heart rate monitor.

Whilst each of the 6 distinctive graphic identities has been designed to work in isolation, they have all been created using the same grid so that they can be combined in different ways as the experiences at Funan evolve over time.

You’ll notice that the patterns also feature in the Funan logo, which is formed from overlapping geometric shapes inspired by the cultural intersection location and the building’s architectural features.

This idea runs throughout the style guide, typography and suite of visual elements, which includes iconography and photography guidelines, ensuring that the visual identity is as unique and evolving as the brand itself.

When it is completed, Funan will be a place for discovery. We can’t wait to explore.